Thursday 12 November 2015

Tesco Bakery Mince Pie Cookies

Its only 42 days to go. In 6 weeks time It'll be Christmas Eve and I shall be looking forward to watching The Snowman and eagerly anticipating the joy of watching people open their pressies! Please tell me you're excited too? If not, Bah Humbug.

By then I will probably be sick of the sight of mince pies, but at the moment they still fill me with delight. One of the festive activities I most looked forward to as a child was spending the day with my grandmother making buttery pastry cases and filling them with gooey mincement before carefully watching them turn golden brown in the oven. 

 I was overjoyed when Kev (@Kevsnackreviews) posted a picture on Instagram of Tesco's mince pie cookies. They produced them last year too, but sadly I didn't have the opportunity to try them- so I had to make sure I didn't miss out this year. 

Just to be clear: they are mincemeat filled cookies, not mincemeat flavoured cookies. They've also released 'Melting Snowman Cookies' which have white chocolate centres for anyone who is not a fan of mince pies. Each cookie is slightly smaller than the regular bakery cookies, but they each have a decent sized bulge in the middle. Unfortunately the filling had seeped through the cookies making them all somewhat sticky.

The cookie was typically sweet whilst perfectly soft and chewy. The mincemeat was delicately spiced and full of lovely plump raisins- however the combination of sugary filling and outer biscuit resulted in an overwhelmingly sickly cookie. It turns out that Granny knows best and good old shortcrust pastry is a better vehicle for mincemeat. 

I'm not sure I've made up my mind about these cookies. I like the idea, and I really want to  love them, but I think they're just too sweet for me.


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