Thursday 26 November 2015

NEW Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha at ASDA

I was just picking up a carton of milk when some lovely red festive packaging caught my eye on the shelf above. Next to the regular iced Starbucks coffees was this new Christmas edition- White Chocolate Mocha. It seems an odd time of year to release an iced coffee, but it did sound good so I thought I'd try it out: white chocolate and coffee are two of my favourite commodities after all!

First off, rather stupidly, I was taken aback by the colour -expecting it to be look similar to the white chocolate 'Options' drink- but of course, it's fundamentally coffee and so looked more like a Latte. 

The taste was super sweet, but lacking the distinctive flavour of white chocolate... Or any kind of chocolate to be honest. The coffee element was nice enough, but it was just a sugary standard iced latte. I drank it in a bit of hurry, so perhaps I didn't give it a chance by lending enough time to properly enjoy it, but I probably won't buy it again.
Disappointing Starbucks!


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