Monday 23 May 2016

Gelatelli Tiramisu & Cream Ice Cream (LIDL)

The south Wales coastline boasts some of the most incredibly beautiful beaches I have ever seen. If you've never been to -or indeed heard of- the Gower Peninsula, I really suggest you put it on your bucket list. Rhossili bay ranks number 9 in the world by Trip Advisor, and even has it's own shipwreck. If you pay a visit, may I suggest that you also head down to Mumbles and pop into Verdi's for a spot of lunch? It's a family run Italian Gelateria and Cafe with the most exquisite views of the Swansea bay -and the perfect spot from which to people watch. Verdi's make their ice cream fresh every day, and it is hands down the best I've had in the UK. My favourite flavour is Tiramisu, and I'd happily make the 154 mile round trip just for a cone of sheer heaven. 

It was with this thought in mind that I paused for a moment, lost in contemplation, when I found this 750ml tub of Tiramisu and Cream ice cream in LIDL. Would I be bitterly disappointed by it, unavoidably comparing it to the wonderful Verdi's? 

Well, I decided at £1.75 it was worth the gamble - but I'd already decided it was the poor man's version. 

I was surprised when I lifted the lid and discovered these perfect beige and cream coloured peaks. My scoop delved into the tub effortlessly, the ice cream was that soft. 

Wow. wow. WOW. The flavour was incredible. Undeniably Tiramisu, the coffee and cream came through in equal measures, deliciously backed with the resounding sweetness of the ice cream. So smooth was it, that I'd liken it to silk. What made it even more special was the addition of real tiramisu that was flecked throughout. These little extras injected further flavour into the already gorgeous gelato: sheer perfection.

I can't put into words how exquisite LIDL's tiramisu and cream ice cream is. Absolutely delightful, and a bargain to boot. If you're a fellow lover of tiramisu, I highly recommend -nay, I order- you to head to LIDL at your very next opportunity and pick yourself up a tub. Or six. 



  1. Please say we can go to Verdis one day?! I'm already heading to Lidl tomorrow for this! x

  2. Wow this looks amazing! Love the piped style design on the top, looks so smooth and fluffy. Must go to Lidl!!

  3. Like you, I was ready to write this off straightaway but you've convinced me

    1. Oh gosh I hope you love it now too! The pressure ;) xx

  4. There's another one in Lidl, Noblissima, on offer at the moment. The tiramisu flavour is beyong amazing.