Friday 6 May 2016

Banana Barny/Lubisie (Polish Deli)

Banana cake. My favourite kind of cake. Or maybe that's carrot, or actually coffee? Who knows, it's up at the top somewhere. Following a discussion on Instagram about the pitiful banana Twinkie I reviewed about a month ago, the lovely Sarah from wafflyversatile (please do go and check out her blog -it's full of fantastic recipes) informed me about banana Barnys. 

Banana Barny's? How did I not know about such a creation! Well, it turns out that they're only available from the Polish Deli's (of which there are many in Hereford). I'm not sure why, but I always feel rather embarrassed sneaking into a Polish speciality shop, like I shouldn't be allowed in because I'm British -just me? Anyway, it wasn't very long ago that I was moaning about the boringness of Barny's flavours, so I sucked it up, and went on a banana cake mission.

Fortunately, I found one in the first Deli I went into, although they're known as Lubisie (not Barny) and are instantly recognisable thanks to the near-on identical packaging. The little cake bear only cost 30p too, bargain! 

The Barny/Lubisie looked very similar once unwrapped too. The surprised bear was easy to slice, bearing a rather meagre looking pocket of creamy filling. Unfortunately only the core was flavoured, and I couldn't help but think it would have been much nicer to have had a banana cake to surround it. 

If you've ever had a Barny before, you'll know what to expect from the sponge - it's very dry and typical of long life mass produced cakes. The banana filling was fair, but it didn't pack enough of a punch for me -and there wasn't really enough of it to shout about it. 

Meh. I'm glad I braved the Polish Deli and tried this banana Barny/Lubisie, but I don't think it's one I'll be in a hurry to try again. It's on a par with the other Barny's widely available in the UK, and I'll doubt I'll buy any more until the company meets my demands for a Biscoff or peanut butter version! 


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