Wednesday 11 May 2016

NEW! Linda McCartney Vegetarian Pulled Pork Burgers (ASDA)

Pulled pork. The meat equivalent of salted caramel; ie the other trend that maintains constant momentum. It seems that Linda McCartney have cleverly spotted a gap in the market by creating the first veggie pulled pork burger*. I found these in ASDA, currently on offer at £1 for two 1/4lb patties. 

 "Vegetarian pulled pork-style 1/4lb burgers made with rehydrated textured soya and wheat protein coated with a smoky flavour barbecue sauce."
Admittedly the rehydrated textured soya doesn't sound quite as appetising as slow-roasted pork, but the smoky barbecue sauce does give it the edge over standard veggie burgers. 

The uncooked patty didn't look very pretty, but I hoped that twenty minutes in the oven would transform this beast into a beauty. Ten minutes later the kitchen started to fill with a sweet, smoky scent, making me hungrier with every inhale.

The burger still looked rather, um, rustic when I retrieved it from the oven. It oozed juices in a similar way to its meaty cousins -which I hoped would be an indication of it's moistness. 

The patty convincingly flaked like pulled pork, holding its shape until sliced into. The taste was simply delicious, bearing an unexpected heat that I wasn't expecting. As a spice wimp, I can reassure you that it wasn't tongue burningly hot, but the burger had more flavour than I've ever experienced with a soya-based product before. Succulent, smoky and moreish, I enjoyed every last mouthful of my "pulled pork".  Yum. 

Linda McCartney is undoubtedly the queen of veggie bangers (If you've never tried her rosemary and red onion sausages, get yourself a pack pronto!) and now she has arguably claimed the top spot in veggie burgers too.


*Please feel free to correct me on this, it's certainly the first I've found in a supermarket.


  1. I find the idea of these so weird. I do miss Linda M burgers though, I can't eat em now due to the gluten :(

    1. What do you find strange about them? Oh no, what a shame! I'm surprised L.M haven't released a gluten-free burger yet... watch this space I guess!

  2. I've finally got round to trying one ... When I popped it in the oven I very nearly thought I'd have beans on toast instead but I persevered lol. Looks disgusting and tastes far better. But I'm not sure I'd buy them again, and will stick to her rosemary and onion sausages!