Sunday 28 August 2016

NEW! Mint Oreos (Sainsbury's)

Exactly a week ago I moaned about my difficulty in tracking down the new Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos, but Hereford seems to have been a lot quicker off the mark when it comes to the other new flavour: mint. In all honesty it's the new edition that I was less excited about, but still that didn't stop me doing my little finders jig in Sainsbury's when I spotted the gap where the minty oreos should be. Yep, that's right -and I apologise now to anyone who works in retail- I was that annoying little toad who asked if there was any of the new biscuits secreted out the back. After all, there was the shelf space, and even the ticket... surely they must be hiding somewhere?

If you're an avid Oreo fan or -like me- spend far too much money on imported goodies, you'll appreciate that Mint Oreos are far from a new revelation, and have been a stateside staple for a long time. Despite the fact that the Oreo is the fastest growing biscuit brand in the UK (growth rate of 21.2% and worth >£38.5million for anyone else interested in marketing) we're still lagging a long way behind out American cousins. I'll jump or joy when Oreo decide to launch the more exciting flavours over here; cinnamon bun & red velvet please! 

Anyway, enough of my whinging, hurray for new Oreos of any kind! Well, apart from the non-nutty-peanut butter wasters.. I promise I'll try to stop being so grumpy now. As you might have gathered, I really loved the strawberry cheesecake ones despite being a little dubious about the combination of strawberry & chocolate. Mint chocolate is a much more standard affair, but is equally as difficult to get right. My other half won't go near the pairing because he says it makes it think of brushing his teeth... and it's a thought I now can't shake either. 

"Chocolate flavour sandwich biscuits with a mint filling (28.8%)"

The filling perhaps wasn't quite as lurid as expected, and instead was a pleasant pastel-y green. It was certainly strong in smell however, causing me to worry that the chocolate would be lost against the mint completely.

I can't really tell you much about the Oreo biscuit that you won't already know, but I can explain how well the amalgamation worked. Yes, the softness of the centre did have a sort of toothepastiness about it, but I managed to forget that in its deliciousness. The bitter cocoa complemented the sweet and refreshing creme, resulting in a tastebud sensation that made me imagine a dark chocolate mint aero -now that's a thought! 

The strawberry cheesecake flavour just about pips the mint to the top spot in the UK, but this is a close contender... 


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  1. can't wait to find these.. i resent the sainsburys price point though.. £1.20 for a small pack of biscuits is less than ideal