Saturday 31 October 2015

New Warburtons Giant Crumpets

I love a good crumpet because I think it's about as acceptably close as you can get to eating Yorkshire Pudding for breakfast. I don't know if that makes any sense to you, but I'm comparing the satisfying doughiness that you just can't get with bread. Anyway, Warburtons have just bought out giant crumpets and I couldn't be happier about it.

I bought the pack of two from ASDA for the reasonable price of 50p. They were packaged well with a protective plastic case to prevent them from getting smushed in transit. I decided that I couldn't wait until breakfast and so threw the boat out and had them for dinner with some cheese, beans and sliced frankfurter sausage.. Well actually, that's a lie, that's not the reason I didn't wait until breakfast- I just couldn't be faffed to cook and this was a super quick supper solution.

The crumpets, though large, fitted nicely into the toaster. They took a couple of minutes longer than their smaller counterparts, but my whole dinner was ready in less than 5 minutes. Jamie Oliver could learn a thing or two about speedy meals from me, haha!

Fans of Warburtons crumpets, don't be scared, these Giant Crumpets are just as good as the smaller ones. They're soft, and fluffy, and.. well.. just heavenly! I didn't think crumpets could be improved upon- but Warburtons have proven me wrong. I can't wait to have my next one smothered in peanut butter!


Friday 30 October 2015

Mini Merryteaser Reindeer

So I lasted until the last week of October until I finally caved and bought my first festive food treat, which I don't think is too bad considering mince pies launched in our co-op around about the end of August. I know maltester-y reindeers aren't new but apparently the mini versions are. I bought these 5pk from B&M for approximately 90p.

Each chocolate is individually wrapped in Maltesers' traditional red, with a little reindeer outlined in the front. They are only 63 calories each, which means they are only about the size of my thumb. Packaging removed they are oddly shaped little characters who are borderline alien-esque due to their apparent lack of eyes! Cutting the chocolate in half, you can see the smooth malty filling dotted with honeycomb pieces. 

The chocolate is Mars' typically silky affair and the filling provides a decent contrast of textures. The smooth part of the centre is reminiscent of the discontinued (and greatly missed) Mars Delight bars. There wasn't as many honeycomb bites as I'd have liked, but it's still a winning combination.

The biggest trouble is that they're little more than a dainty mouthful each, and they're devilishly moreish!


Thursday 29 October 2015

Sweet & Salty Portlebay Popcorn

Just a quick entry today, because I think this post is pretty straightforward. Today I tried Portlebay's sweet and salty popcorn, a flavour that has seen a rise in popularity over the past year or so. I'm a strange one- I love the combination of sweet & salty in peanut butter but hate sweet & savoury dishes like ham & pineapple pizza and sweet & sour chicken. I haven't actually tried sweet & salty popcorn before so I'm afraid I have nothing to compare it to.

The corn have the same nice fluffy texture that I'm now used to with Portlebay. I think I expected a mixture of sweet and salty kernels, but instead they were an evenly balanced amalgamation of the two. I actually found them a little bland, but that's to be expected in a naturally plainer option than their other more exciting innovations.


P.S If you're interested you can read my reviews of the other Portlebay Popcorn flavours i've tried thus far:

Lemon Sherbet
Wasabi & Sweet Ginger
 Chilli & Lime

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Peanut Butter Clif Bars

This week as part of my Boots meal deal, I opted for something I've never chosen before. Next to the cereal bars was this peanut butter Clif Bar. As soon as I read 'peanut butter' I was tempted, but then I realised it was a protein bar and I wavered. I've never really bought into the whole protein thing, particularly because I don't do weight lifting, and in fact the closest I get to going to the gym is the long daily dog walk.

I pondered over it for a while, and then decided that I hadn't much to lose as I was only paying £1 for my entire lunch anyway (thanks again o2). It is described quite simply as an 'Oat and Peanut Butter Energy Bar'. Clif are an American brand and the packet tells me that it's named after his father; how cute.

When I removed the wrapper I uncovered a rather unattractive alien-like brown bobbled mass. I was expecting it to be similar to a flapjack, but it was denser and actually stickier than that. I could see the mottled mounds of chopped peanut dotted across the top that assured me of the peanut buttery reason why I bought it in the first place.

The texture was chewy- a little bit like nougat- and it didn't have the crunch that I expected. I could taste the sweetness from the peanuts, but it lacked the lovely saltiness that balances a good peanut butter. The fact that it's so dense means it's quite satisfying to eat and leaves you feeling like you've had a decent snack. I could detect a slightly odd, almost artificial after-taste though which I thought might be some kind of protein powder. It led me to check the ingredients but the only things I could blame it on is brown rice syrup or soy rice crisps, both of which I've not acknowledged having eaten before.

The nutritional information also informed me that it contains 11g of protein. Now as i mentioned before, I don't do any kind of weight lifting, but I also don't eat a lot of meat either which means I probably don't always meet my daily requirements of protein. I know that's boring for you, but if you're a vegan/vegetarian these might just be a handy way of meeting your daily needs.

This wasn't my favourite peanut butter snack (that definitely sits with the glorious Nutter Butter Bites) but I did enjoy it, and will have it again in the future no doubt.... especially if I see the 'White Chocolate Macademia' about!


Tuesday 27 October 2015

New Toffee Apple Cheesecake by Tesco

ASDA aren't the only supermarkets marking the change in season; Tesco have released a whole host of new desserts in their frozen range. They've added three new cheesecakes: Smores, Red Velvet and Toffee Apple, which serve 6 are priced at £2 each. They all sound pretty good to me, and I'm looking forward to making my way through the new varieties over the coming months.

The first one I purchased was the Toffee Apple- it seemed a must as it's almost Bonfire Night! It's also a special treat for me because I can't eat the real deal due to my filling filled teeth and dentist phobia. As a combination of flavours though I really do enjoy it, so the fact that Tesco have turned it into a cheesecake is welcome news.

'Baked cheesecake and Apple filling on a digestive biscuit base, topped with toffee cream mousse and toffee sauce, sprinkled with caramel flavour curls.'

It sliced really well, and once portioned up I could see lovely big hunks of apple that penetrated the cheesecake. The caramel curls are also a nice touch.

The cheesecake was soft and lacked the rubbery gelatinous texture that I was simultaneously expecting and dreading. The apple tasted like stewed crumble filling with a good balance between sweet and tart. The mousse topping provided the toffee element, but I wish Tesco had extended the flavour to the cheesecake too. The base was a lovely crumbly digestive biscuit-y affair.

I'm actually reasonably impressed by this dessert because I often find that frozen cheesecakes tend to be a let down, and whilst this is no comparison to its homemade counterpart, it's certainly a handy emergency dessert to keep in the freezer.


Monday 26 October 2015

Chilli & Lime Portlebay Popcorn

The popcorn that sounded the second least appetising to me in the box that Portlebay sent was the Chilli & Lime Kracklecorn. Again it's just because it's a savoury product that it doesn't appeal to me, but given how much I enjoyed the Wasabi & Sweet Ginger, I wasn't entirely dreading it.

When I opened the bag I was met with quite a strong spicy aroma. The popcorn was a dusty orange colour, and I worried about whether they'd blow my head off. I like my spice, but I'm more of a Rogan Josh than a Vindaloo kind of girl. I don't understand the enjoyment of eating food that makes you sweat. I'd appreciate any insight from anybody who's a Scotch Bonnet fan! 

The popcorn didn't taste as spicy as I feared, and actually reminded me of tikka. The heat intensified as I continued through the bag, but not to the point where I couldn't eat it. I could taste a refreshing hint of citrus coming from the lime, but it was only just distinguishable against the spice. I offered a bite to my discerning taxi driver who was surprised to discover that he enjoyed it. He compared it in similarity to Tyrell's chilli rice crackers but I can't pass comment having never tried them. 

I'm pleased to have had the opportunity to  try this flavour, and I don't think it's unpleasant, but I also don't think I'd buy it again. If you like curry rice crackers and/or crisps, this might be your cup of tea- it's just unfortunately not mine. 


Sunday 25 October 2015

New Strawberry Cheesecake Cake Stacker at ASDA

ASDA have released a whole host of new products in their bakery aisle recently. There's loads of yummy sounding innovations including: Cinnamon Sugar Cake Slices, Red Velvet Cake Slices, Caramel Brownies, Tiffin slices, Carrot Cake Flapjacks, Apple Crumble Flapjacks and Bakewell Flapjacks to name just a few!. They've also released a range of 'Cake Stackers.' 

With so many new products to choose from I chose what intruiged me the most: the Strawberry Cheesecake Cake Stackers. They comprise of 'a digestive biscuit layer, strawberry jam, strawberry flavoured sponge, cheesecake flavour icing and vanilla sponge'.

I decided that these slices sounded rather special, so instead of having them in the afternoon with a cuppa, I served them with a scoop of strawberry ice cream for dessert. The cakes look pretty, with three bright and distinct tiers.

The vanilla sponge top level was disappointingly dry, which unfortunately tends to be standard fare amongst supermarket cakes. The strawberry sponge wasn't any better, and although it was a pretty pink colour, lacked any identifiable strawberry flavour. The icing that separated the two was normal buttercream, but again I couldn't distinguish any 'cheesecake' flavour to it. The bottom, biscuity level was a good moist digestive base and was the best bit of the stacker by far.

I'm really pleased I served it with ice cream because these Cake Stackers are a let down. Instead of being a glorious combination of sponge cake and cheesecake, they are a bland, dry, and utterly disappointing product. Although the other treats in ASDA's new range sound enticing, I won't be buying them unless I see them in the reduced section. Good idea, but poor execution.


Saturday 24 October 2015

Wasabi & Sweet Ginger Portlebay Popcorn

This morning was a miserable morning in my house, it was cold and drizzly outside and I faced a great wedge of economics research. All wasn't lost though because I recieved a lovely suprise which turned my day around- the guys from Portlebay kindly sent me a big box full of their different flavour popcorn. 

I fell in love with their Lemon Sherbet Popcorn when I reviewed it last month, and I've been hooked ever since. Last Monday I learnt my lesson by buying the Boots limited Edition Cinnamon & Vanilla which was awful in comparison , a faux pas I shan't make again. Portlebay have since contacted me and asked if they could send me a taster box- how could I refuse?

The box contained four sweet and four savoury bags:
Sweet & Salty
Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup
Sweet Chilli & Lime
Wasabi & Sweet Ginger
Lemon Sherbet
Very Berry
Cinnamon Swirl
Cappuccino(which I've been dying to try!) 

I've got to admit I've never been a savoury popcorn fan, ive always preferred sweet, and so I wasn't all that excited to try the savoury flavours. I met some friends this afternoon, told them about my present, and one of them got very excited as she told me how great the Wasabi one is. I trust her implicitly but I still wasn't sure my tastebuds would agree with hers. Anyway, I tend to eat food in a bit of a weird way, eating my least favourite first and saving the best until last. With my preconceptions being questioned by my friend I decided to dive in and give the Wasabi flavour a shot. 

The popcorn was dusted with a green powder which actually fits in well with the time of year (probably more so than Butterkist's 'Halloween' popcorn which is in fact their sweet popcorn dyed green). I presumed the green powder was the Wasabi flavouring but it made me all the more hesitant. I offered a piece to my other half, but he refused to touch it. 

 I couldn't have been more wrong though. My ideas of a sushi, fishy tasting popcorn were wrong, and instead  I was met with the warmth from the ginger and a little heat from the Wasabi. The popcorn was sweet too, and the odd sounding combination actually was really well balanced. The mixture of sweet, savoury and slight spice was not overwhelming, but utterly delicious. Once again, Portlebay didn't disappoint with the lack of unpopped kernels- there wasn't even one in the entire bag.

I actually kind of wished I'd waited to try this flavour until later on because I'm sure the others can't all be this good, but who knows...


Friday 23 October 2015

Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns

I've been eagerly awaiting the new Cinnamon Buns flavour Ben & Jerry's ice cream since I heard a rumour on the grapevine about it's UK release a couple of months back. My anticipation mounted when it was released a couple of weeks ago and I read both Reaching for Refreshment's and One Treat's reviews singing B&J's praises; however being the cheapskate student I am, I've bided by time and waited for it to come on offer. Thankfully my wait is now over as ASDA have started a half price offer across the entire range! Hallelujah!

More specifically this dessert is 'caramel ice cream with a cinnamon swirl and chunks of cinnamon bun dough.' Ben and Jerry's I could kiss you! Cinnamon,  buns, and caramel in ice cream? That's 4 of my favourite foods combined right there- wowzers. It's been a long time since I've been this excited about ice cream, and that's saying something!

When I removed the lid of the B&J I could see the lovely chunks of bun dotted across the top which are of decent size as both R4R and 1treat also noted. The ice cream was lovely and soft, making it easy to scoop into a cone. It was lovely and creamy to taste, and the cinnamon was powerful throughout. I found it slightly overpowered the caramel flavour, but rather than rendering it unpleasant reminded me of lotus biscoff biscuits. The cinnamon swirl didn't alter the taste very much but added a grainy texture which I haven't made up my mind about. The bun nuggets naughtily tasted like raw cinnamon cookie dough which served to enhance the ice cream even more.

I enjoyed this Ben & Jerry's but I found it extremely sweet- two scoops was plenty. I'd  have this ice cream again, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. I definitely prefer their 'Baked Alaska' which sadly seems to have disappeared from supermarket shelves.


Thursday 22 October 2015

New Limited Edition Apple Strudel Müller Light

Yesterday was national apple day; although I can't say that was the reason I bought these new Apple Strudel yoghurts. I like that Müller are an innovative brand, who don't rest on he laurels of their star flavours, but who continue to create and produce a variety of different products every year. 

I reviewed their other new Autumn limited edition 'light' yogurt last week- Key Lime Pie- but as a dessert Apple Strudel is much more my cup of tea. I love the traditional warming puddings that return to our dinner tables at this time of year; especially anything with Apple and/or cinnamon in. Producing a limited edition flavour that reflects both the time of year and this general shift in eating preferences seems like a a sensible idea to me. I read nibbles 'n' scribbles review a couple of days ago and her opinion was that  'if you like apple strudel you should definitely try this' which definitely made me all the more eager to try it for myself.

The first thing I noticed when peeling back the lid was the plentiful chunks of apple and cinnamon speckles that permeated the yoghurt. The yoghurt was runnier than I like, but akin to all the other flavours in this range. The chunks were substantial, and had a decent bite which then melted in the mouth. The cinnamon came through strongly but in a pleasantly sweet and warming way. 

As nibs also noted, there is no pastry in this yoghurt, so yet again Müller have been rather misleading in their product name, although not quite to the same extent that I think they are with their Key Lime Pie limited edition. 

I really enjoyed this yoghurt, and I think that yet again Müller have nailed creating a fairly luxurious tasting product without all of the associated fat or calories. I'd recommend it for any fans of Apple and cinnamon, and I'll be certainly buying more before Müller discontinue it to produce a new hybrid... Sticky toffee pudding or mince pie maybe? I sure hope so! 


Wednesday 21 October 2015

New Limited Edition Maple Syrup Müller Rice

It's that time of year again when Müller alter their product ranges. Last week I reviewed one of their Müller Light additions- Key Lime Pie, and today it's the turn of the new limited edition flavour Müller Rice- Maple Syrup. It's a bit strange to see this flavour advertised as the new limited edition, because until a few months ago it was part of their core range in a six-pack with Apple Strudel flavour Müller Rice. I really loved both of those flavours and I was gutted when they dumped it in favour of the 'red berry' six-pack which contains strawberry & cherry. 

In any case, I'm pleased to see that Müller have reintroduced a Maple product, because I love the taste of  the Canadian syrup; which I mentioned before when reviewing the new porridge by Quaker.

Müller Rice are a versatile dessert choice because you can enjoy them either hot or cold- and I like them both ways- but today I ate mine straight from the fridge. The rice was lovely; thick and perfectly creamy, which makes it feel more indulgent than it actually is (bonus)! There was a generously thick slick of syrup at the bottom, which although is clearly not of the highest grade, has the deep and decadent familiar Maple tang. I'm not sure if this new product has exactly the same recipe as before, but I am really pleased it's returned.

This flavour replaces the salted caramel rice pots, which I liked a lot, but fortunately for me I like the Maple even more so I shan't miss it too much. Please please please bring back Apple Strudel now Müller! In the meantime though, I have finally tracked down and bought a few of the new Apple Strudel Müller Lights, which I shall review over the coming days.


Tuesday 20 October 2015

American Pop Tarts: Hot Fudge Sundae

OK, I might have a bit of an obsession, because I also bought these Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts from B&M.  In the last few weeks I've tried (& reviewed) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Confetti Cupcake, and Cookies & Creme; and so like a Monopoly player I felt the overwhelming need to add to my hoard... which embarrassingly now has it's own Pop Tart shelf in my kitchen.

The Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts have the most enticing title to date, and their website describes them as: 
Frosted Hot Fudge Sundae
'With a chocolate crust, smooth vanilla filling, vanilla and fudge icing, and colorful sprinkles, this chompable sundae is a thing of beauty, The good source of calcium and reduced sugar is the cherry on top'

I'm not sure they can extol the virtuousness of these Pop Tarts, because despite having 'reduced sugar' they still have a hyperactive inducing 16g each. However, as we all know sugar tastes damn good- and it keeps me awake and happy- so it doesn't make a difference to me.

The pastry is the same as the Cookies and Creme, and thereby similar in taste to an Oreo/Bourbon biscuit. The filling oozed alluringly once warmed through in the toaster, and was familiarly sweet, which provided a good contrast against the dark borderline bitter cocoa crust.

In fact, it was so similar in taste to the Cookies and Creme flavour I tried a couple of days ago that I don't think I could tell the difference if blindfolded. The only difference from the description should be the fudge flavoured icing, but unfortunately it is indistinguishable and completely lost against the rich chocolate pastry and sugary centre, That's not to say that it's not tasty- because it is. I just think that it's a clever marketing ploy by Kellogg's to attract two different consumer camps, both the 'Hot Fudge Sundae' and the 'Cookies & Creme' fans.

I'm keeping my eye out for something a bit different next time.. like the frosted blueberry, PB & J, and/or Cinnamon Roll Pop Tarts... Mmm... I think I've got an addiction. 


Simply because I was hoping for a clearer difference in flavour.

Monday 19 October 2015

New Limited Edition Cinnamon & Vanilla popcorn by Boots

Monday's tend to be a pretty rubbish day for most people, but I now have a good reason to look forward to the first day of the working week. As an o2 customer I can make use of their priority offer- a boots meal deal for £1 every Monday. Yes I know it's a bit sad, but as a student, trust me when I say that this lunch feels luxurious compared to the rest of the week. I've got into a bit of a meal deal habit: sarnie/wrap, Pepsi & Portlebay Lemon Sherbet Popcorn. Today, however, I made an exception because I spotted Boots' limited edition Cinnamon & Vanilla popcorn. 

I love cinnamon, it's my absolute favourite spice, and so Boots couldn't have really chosen better in terms of my tastes (unless they'd produced a peanut butter and/or banana popcorn.) I've heard good things about Portlebay's cinnamon popcorn but as I haven't located it anywhere yet,  I thought I'd try Boots' version.

The bags are a decent size and when I opened it up I could see the lovely tell-tale dusty cinnamon powder. I expected it to be sweet- rather like the ProperCorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla that's also a personal favourite- but it wasn't!

Neither sweet or salty, the popcorn was rather neutral- and as cinnamon can be used in both sweet and savoury cooking- It was left with a bit of a split personality. I wondered if I'd just got an un-sweetened price of corn, but it was consistentlu poor throughout  the bag. I was left feeling really confused (and a bit upset I'd chosen it in favour of the Lemon Sherbet Portlebay.)

I'm now not sure whether I'd like Portlebay's cinnamon flavour or not and so  I'd be keen to know if anyone else has tried it? 

Meanwhile, it's back to the Popcorn I know is good...


Sunday 18 October 2015

American Pop Tarts: Cookies & Creme

As it's Sunday and we'd run out of dog food, my other half was obliged to take me to B&M bargains this morning.. It's a store he hates simply because I love it so much and could therefore spend hours in it. As I've mentioned previously, they stock an unpredictable and cheap range of American Imports, which is the main reason why I love B&M so much.

This morning I spotted these 'Frosted Cookies & Creme' Pop Tarts which seemed like the perfect treat to end chocolate week on. They are described as follows-
'Chocolate cookie crust. Sweet, white frosting sprinkled with cookie crumbles. Smooth vanilla crème filling. '

I was hoping that they'd taste like an Oreo combined with a Pop Tart. The chocolate pastry was very dark in colour, and the flavour didn't disappoint. It was rich with a deep cocoa flavour- imagine a grown up Bourbon biscuit. The filling was incredibly sweet by comparison- it would have been far too much by itself- but it worked surprisingly well with the chocolate cookie flavoured crust. Imagine warm gooey Oreos.. That's what these are!

I couldn't have hoped for more from these Cookies & Creme Pop Tart. They're not my favourite Pop Tart to date, but they're pretty damn tasty, especially if you're an Oreo and/or Bourbon biscuit fan.

Saturday 17 October 2015

Caramac Breakaway Biscuit Bars

Caramac has a warm place in my heart; it was the treat my dad always used to buy for me when I was younger. As a child I relished the sickly sweet caramel flavoured bar, but as an adult browsing the confectionary aisle I'm only interested in either the milk or white chocolate, forgetting entirely about the retro Caramac. 

That said, McVities Gold bars are often a lunchbox staple in my house, and I find the combination of syrupy caramel coating and crunchy biscuit enclosed within a much better balance. 

This year, there have been two new Caramac flavoured releases: Caramac buttons (which I've only seen once and have regretted not buying ever since) and the Breakaway biscuit bars. 

In my opinion it's a good choice of addition to the Breakaway range, as I'm not normally tempted by them. The chocolate biscuit bar is a saturated market, and with delicious products such as the cookies & cream Kitkats and toffee Penguins, I think of Breakaways as being bland and boring by comparison. 

So Nestle, you've caught me, and ever a fan of nostalgic treats I decided to give these Caramac Breakaway Bars a go. 

They are smaller in size than the McVities Gold Bars, but have a nice even coating.  I tried not to compare the two products, but I found I couldn't help myself. 

As I bit into it, I found it difficult to distinguish the Caramac. The biscuit is a good digestive, but I found it actually overwhelmed the coating- which is a lot thinner than that of a Gold bar. I tried my hardest to nibble the topping off, so that I could feel the warmth from the pleasant memories I had eating Caramac as a child, but they failed to reach me. 

I'm sorry to say, but I found this to be a poor mans Gold bar, and I'll return to McVities with my tail between my legs! Although, if I spot the rare Caramac buttons in the future I won't hesitate to buy them.


Friday 16 October 2015

Alpen Light Jaffa Cake Bars

Happy Friday all! I'm back again with another chocolate related post. This time it's a review of the Alpen Light Jaffa Cake Bars.

Alpen released these bars earlier this year together with the Banoffee variety. I bought the Banoffee bars at the beginning of the summer but I have to admit that I wasn't keen. As I've previously mentioned, I am normally a fan of anything banana- both artificial and real- but I found the bars to be really artificial. It didn't taste pleasantly of  'foam bananas' or banana milkshake but just chemically, and I haven't bought any more since. I did read Nibbles & Scribbles review of both new flavours last month, and she encouraged me to give this Jaffa Cake flavour bar a go.

I have to admit, I've been waiting for them to come on offer because I'm loathe to spend £1.99 on a box of 6 when I can pick up the original flavours in Poundland. My luck must have been in yesterday though, because I spotted the Jaffa Cake light bars in the pound shop- I do love a bargain!

When I opened my bar, the chocolate on top had the dreaded white speckled signs of spoilage, but I didn't let that put me off.  I bit into it hesitantly, and was pleasantly surprised! I have to agree with Nibs- it actually does taste of Jaffa Cake. I'm not sure how the clever guys at Weetabix have done it, but they've got the balance of chocolate, cereal bar and orange spot on. I always forget how much I enjoy chocolate orange until the Terry's comes out at Christmas, and this was a perfect reminder of how lovely it can be.

My normal go-to Alpen bars are the Cherry Bakewell and Chocolate Fudge, but I definitely prefer this new flavour... so much so that I'd be tempted to fork out the extra 99p for them (or atleast stock up from the poundland whilst stocks last!)

If you're after a healthy, low calorie snack i'd definitely suggest giving these a go!


Thursday 15 October 2015

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Snowy Delight Desserts

 I'm a a sucker. A sucker for chocolate, sucker for cadbury, sucker for dairy milk, and definitely a sucker for new chocolatey dessert products. Even after the disappointingly bad Cadbury Duo mousse I reviewed earlier this week, I couldn't resist these new Christmas limited edition Cadbury 'Snowy Delight' pots of joy.

They're described as 'smooth & creamy Cadbury white chocolate dessert over a Cadbury milk chocolate dessert layer.' They had me sold at 'Cadbury' and 'White chocolate & milk chocolate.'I felt myself hoping with all my heart that they'd live up to the appetising description and not be a sorry state of blandness that their duo mousses proved to be. 

Each layer of joy is in a tiny little pot, but it is about 2/3 full, which I think is more acceptable than the half filled mousse pots. 

The White chocolate layer is heavenly, it actually tastes of white chocolate- hurrah! It's silky and sweet tasting exactly like melted white chocolate buttons. The chocolate layer beneath, is rich and decadent. It's slightly thicker than the top tier and together they work in perfect harmony. I savoured every gorgeous spoonful, grinning in chocolate heaven.  I always wondered how wonderful it would be if you took the chocolate layer of the Rolo pot desserts, and combined it with the Milkybar desserts.. Now I know! 

It could not be any more different to the disastrous mousse pots, and I'll be definitely buying more over the coming months. I just wish Cadbury were more consistent with the quality of their dessert range! 


Wednesday 14 October 2015

Limited Edition Key Lime Pie Müller Light

When doing the weekly shop this week I stopped in the yoghurt aisle at the Müller section as usual to pick an assortment of corners and rice pudding when this limited edition flavour caught my eye: Smooth Key Lime Pie.

I'm not normally a Muller light kind of girl as I find them quite runny and prefer thick Greek style yoghurt, but I found myself contemplating whether key lime pie yoghurt is an ingenious concept, or a repulsive concoction resulting from somebody's odd cravings. I decided that they only way I could end my quandary was by sampling the yoghurt for myself.

Let's get a few things clear first, I'm not a huge fan of key lime pie. I mean, I'd eat it if offered to me, but I'd never choose it at a restaurant- favouring anything banana, chocolate, caramel or coffee flavoured. I do like limes, but I tend to have them in a glass of Pepsi (and then suck them at at the end!) My nan used to constantly make lime jelly when I was a child, so perhaps I've just had lime overload.

I uncovered the dubious looking minty green yoghurt and wondered what I let myself in for. Sometimes food that looks the worst tastes the best though, right? My first mouthful was almost minty, but I think that's just because I'd linked the taste to the colour.

 By the second mouthful I was able to determine the citrusy lime flavour.. Which wasn't unpleasant. Half way through I realised that i was actually starting to enjoy the yoghurt. It was different and struck me as being refreshing (particularly after my ham and marmite sarnie.)

I do have a bone to pick with Müller's flavour name 'Key lime pie' which I think is borderline false advertisement because there's no pie in it. It's simply a lime yoghurt- I even checked the ingredients. I guess they figured that key lime pie flavoured yoghurt sounded more appetising.

Although I enjoyed trying something new and different, I won't be buying any more of this flavour. I hear however, that Müller have released an Apple Strudel variety which I'm definitely keen for! Hats off to them for constantly creating new and exciting flavour combinations instead of sticking to the tried and tested. Bravo.


Tuesday 13 October 2015

Cadbury Bubbles of Joy Duo: Milk & White Chocolate Mousse

Milk chocolate? White chocolate? I'm often stuck making this choice, so imagine my glee when I spotted these new desserts from Cadbury: Milk & white chocolate mousse... in the same pot!

Having thoroughly enjoyed their Caramellionaire pots of joy, I was really eager to try these puddings and was hopeful that they would be the perfect solution to my chocolate dilemma. They were the same price as the Caramellionaire desserts (£1 for two) which added to my assumption that they would be of similar standard. 

The first thing I realised once I had purchased the desserts was the lack of substance to them. Yes I realise that they are mousse- and therefore not exactly the most substantial of foods- but the pots were literally only half full. I hate feeling like I've got a raw deal and so I hoped that the taste would make up for the size of them.

They do however use a chequered pattern to fill these bubbles of joy, rather than the layers that they use in their 'pots of joy' which makes (what's there!) visually attractive.

I tasted the milk chocolate side first, and the white chocolate second. The milk chocolate mousse was standard fare that I couldn't distinguish as being of 'Cadbury quality.' The white chocolate mousse was worse. I think it must be the same mousse that they use in the Caramellionaire desserts- but with the absence of the lovely caramel sauce and shortcake to buffer it- I realised just how bland it was. Now this might be because I think the new Milkybar mousses are wonderful in comparison, but it certainly didn't remind me of Cadbury's white chocolate buttons, or indeed their dream bar.  

Cadbury have also released a 'chocolate and mint bubbles of joy duo,' but I won't be rushing out to buy either variety any time soon.


Monday 12 October 2015

New Maple Syrup flavour Quaker Oat So Simple

It's getting rather nippy overnight now- there's the familiar tussle in our house over the central heating thermostat, and the shops are filled with festive goodies. That means it's porridge season (I eat it year round though, shh) and time for Quaker to release a new addition to their extensive range of porridge sachets. 

This year it's Maple syrup, a flavour I adore. Müller rice's new limited edition flavour is also maple syrup (although it's not really new because it used to be part of their range in a six pack with apple strudel - which I'm praying they also bring back). I'm hoping this is a new trend and that other retailers will branch into maple syrup.

I opened my sachet and poured my milk using the handy guide on the packet which removes all the faff. I whacked it in the microwave for the stated two minutes and awaited my warm breakfast. The first thing I noticed was the lack of smell. I know that sounds a bit odd, but there's a lovely aroma of sweet syrup that fills the house enticingly when cooking their golden syrup porridge.

The porridge had thickened up nicely when the two minutes were up, and I was pleased to see it hadn't bubbled up and over the bowl either. Again, I couldn't smell any maple syrup.

I tucked in, and felt the familiar warmth and comfort that porridge provides, with a lovely sweetness.. But no caramel undertones- none of the lovely richness that comes from a good old glug of Canadian syrup. I continued through, hoping that maybe the flavouring just wasn't mixed in enough, and that at some point I'd hit a pocket of Maple, but I didn't. The occasional spoonful tasted slightly more sweet than others, but nothing to get excited about.

The porridge did the trick and warmed me up nicely ready for a long day of studying, but I  couldn't help feeling more than a little let down by Quaker. I'm hoping that it was just a bad packet, and that my next attempt will be more successful. I'd be really interested to hear if anyone else has had the same experience as me?