Sunday 11 October 2015

Fabulous Bakers Banana Brunch Bars

Last month I reviewed the chocolate chip flapjacks from the fabulous bakers, and this time I'm sampling one of their more creative products: their banana brunch bars. 

I think banana is one of those foods that people tend to love or hate (I even know a young lady with a phobia of them!) Luckily, I fall into the former camp and adore anything banana, both artificially flavoured and the real deal, so these brunch bars are definitely up my alley. 

The bars are attractively packaged, with each pack containing four individually wrapped treats. They look like flapjacks and are described as 'fruity oat bars with banana and raisins' (another divisive fruit that I adore!) 

I don't like that they are branded as brunch bars because to me brunch is a weekend replacement of both breakfast and lunch. They are a reasonable snack size but I don't think they could replace two main meals, but rather serve as a stopgap between the two; that's my pedantic nature satisfied for the day!

The packet tells me that they're natural with no artificial flavours or preservatives, and that they're the first bars with no added sugar, syrups or date paste (whatever that is.) 

I like that unlike their chocolate chip flapjacks, the raisins are studded throughout their bars and not just dotted on top. They are quite soft and squidgy- a relief for my filling filled teeth. They melt in the mouth deliciously, but have added texture from the crisp rice that they've added to the mix. I can taste the banana- the real deal that it promised of. I can also pick up the cinnamon which is not overwhelming and perfectly complements the banana. 

I love these banana brunch bars, and I'll certainly buy them again. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for their mango & pineapple oat bars, strawberry & blueberry flapjacks and Banoffee muffins. YUM! 


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