Saturday 31 October 2015

New Warburtons Giant Crumpets

I love a good crumpet because I think it's about as acceptably close as you can get to eating Yorkshire Pudding for breakfast. I don't know if that makes any sense to you, but I'm comparing the satisfying doughiness that you just can't get with bread. Anyway, Warburtons have just bought out giant crumpets and I couldn't be happier about it.

I bought the pack of two from ASDA for the reasonable price of 50p. They were packaged well with a protective plastic case to prevent them from getting smushed in transit. I decided that I couldn't wait until breakfast and so threw the boat out and had them for dinner with some cheese, beans and sliced frankfurter sausage.. Well actually, that's a lie, that's not the reason I didn't wait until breakfast- I just couldn't be faffed to cook and this was a super quick supper solution.

The crumpets, though large, fitted nicely into the toaster. They took a couple of minutes longer than their smaller counterparts, but my whole dinner was ready in less than 5 minutes. Jamie Oliver could learn a thing or two about speedy meals from me, haha!

Fans of Warburtons crumpets, don't be scared, these Giant Crumpets are just as good as the smaller ones. They're soft, and fluffy, and.. well.. just heavenly! I didn't think crumpets could be improved upon- but Warburtons have proven me wrong. I can't wait to have my next one smothered in peanut butter!


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