Tuesday 27 October 2015

New Toffee Apple Cheesecake by Tesco

ASDA aren't the only supermarkets marking the change in season; Tesco have released a whole host of new desserts in their frozen range. They've added three new cheesecakes: Smores, Red Velvet and Toffee Apple, which serve 6 are priced at £2 each. They all sound pretty good to me, and I'm looking forward to making my way through the new varieties over the coming months.

The first one I purchased was the Toffee Apple- it seemed a must as it's almost Bonfire Night! It's also a special treat for me because I can't eat the real deal due to my filling filled teeth and dentist phobia. As a combination of flavours though I really do enjoy it, so the fact that Tesco have turned it into a cheesecake is welcome news.

'Baked cheesecake and Apple filling on a digestive biscuit base, topped with toffee cream mousse and toffee sauce, sprinkled with caramel flavour curls.'

It sliced really well, and once portioned up I could see lovely big hunks of apple that penetrated the cheesecake. The caramel curls are also a nice touch.

The cheesecake was soft and lacked the rubbery gelatinous texture that I was simultaneously expecting and dreading. The apple tasted like stewed crumble filling with a good balance between sweet and tart. The mousse topping provided the toffee element, but I wish Tesco had extended the flavour to the cheesecake too. The base was a lovely crumbly digestive biscuit-y affair.

I'm actually reasonably impressed by this dessert because I often find that frozen cheesecakes tend to be a let down, and whilst this is no comparison to its homemade counterpart, it's certainly a handy emergency dessert to keep in the freezer.


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