Wednesday 7 October 2015

New Nature Valley Chocolate & Peanut Protein Bars

I've seen these protein snack bars in stores for a couple of months now. Nature Valley seem to be broadening their ranges, as they also recently released their Popcorn Bars which I reviewed last month. Protein seems to be having its hey day at the moment for its muscle building properties* and fullness factor, & it seems very in vogue to opt for protein rich diets. I'm surprised that more snack manufacturers haven't seized the opportunity to cash in on this craze by advertising their products as being protein rich.

I really enjoy the Nature Valley Oaty bars, especially the chocolate, maple syrup and much less available coconut ones (which taste like a hobnob mated with a nice biscuit), but they're all scrummy. 

Anyway, I'm a big peanut butter fan, and whilst I'm disappointed that Nature Valley don't make peanut butter oat bars (ASDA do brilliant ones.) I bought these peanut & chocolate protein bars whilst half price at Tesco (still £1.44 for 5) and they're described quite simply as 'protein bar with peanut and chocolate'

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box when I saw how small they were. There was lots of air, and not much snack inside the packaging.

However, when I opened up my bar I was pleasantly suprised to find that it was chock full of chocolate chips and peanuts. N.B Please excuse the poor photo below- I was eating it en route home!

It was delightfully chewy and satisfying to eat as each mouthful I was greeted with a mixture of textures and tastes. All to soon the bar was finished but I was left with a lovely snickers like aftertaste. 

I was going to share my purchase with my other half, but I've scrapped that idea as I think I'll keep these little treats for myself.. Shh.. 

7/10 (because my tummy started rumbling 30mins later)

*if you believe the media hype.

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