Tuesday 13 October 2015

Cadbury Bubbles of Joy Duo: Milk & White Chocolate Mousse

Milk chocolate? White chocolate? I'm often stuck making this choice, so imagine my glee when I spotted these new desserts from Cadbury: Milk & white chocolate mousse... in the same pot!

Having thoroughly enjoyed their Caramellionaire pots of joy, I was really eager to try these puddings and was hopeful that they would be the perfect solution to my chocolate dilemma. They were the same price as the Caramellionaire desserts (£1 for two) which added to my assumption that they would be of similar standard. 

The first thing I realised once I had purchased the desserts was the lack of substance to them. Yes I realise that they are mousse- and therefore not exactly the most substantial of foods- but the pots were literally only half full. I hate feeling like I've got a raw deal and so I hoped that the taste would make up for the size of them.

They do however use a chequered pattern to fill these bubbles of joy, rather than the layers that they use in their 'pots of joy' which makes (what's there!) visually attractive.

I tasted the milk chocolate side first, and the white chocolate second. The milk chocolate mousse was standard fare that I couldn't distinguish as being of 'Cadbury quality.' The white chocolate mousse was worse. I think it must be the same mousse that they use in the Caramellionaire desserts- but with the absence of the lovely caramel sauce and shortcake to buffer it- I realised just how bland it was. Now this might be because I think the new Milkybar mousses are wonderful in comparison, but it certainly didn't remind me of Cadbury's white chocolate buttons, or indeed their dream bar.  

Cadbury have also released a 'chocolate and mint bubbles of joy duo,' but I won't be rushing out to buy either variety any time soon.



  1. I do believe you have the same sofa as me! For a sec there i thought you'd dropped the mousse on it lol.

  2. Not yet, but I'm so clumsy so don't jinx it! Sofa is the comfiest in the world, yours the same?