Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Limited Edition Key Lime Pie Müller Light

When doing the weekly shop this week I stopped in the yoghurt aisle at the Müller section as usual to pick an assortment of corners and rice pudding when this limited edition flavour caught my eye: Smooth Key Lime Pie.

I'm not normally a Muller light kind of girl as I find them quite runny and prefer thick Greek style yoghurt, but I found myself contemplating whether key lime pie yoghurt is an ingenious concept, or a repulsive concoction resulting from somebody's odd cravings. I decided that they only way I could end my quandary was by sampling the yoghurt for myself.

Let's get a few things clear first, I'm not a huge fan of key lime pie. I mean, I'd eat it if offered to me, but I'd never choose it at a restaurant- favouring anything banana, chocolate, caramel or coffee flavoured. I do like limes, but I tend to have them in a glass of Pepsi (and then suck them at at the end!) My nan used to constantly make lime jelly when I was a child, so perhaps I've just had lime overload.

I uncovered the dubious looking minty green yoghurt and wondered what I let myself in for. Sometimes food that looks the worst tastes the best though, right? My first mouthful was almost minty, but I think that's just because I'd linked the taste to the colour.

 By the second mouthful I was able to determine the citrusy lime flavour.. Which wasn't unpleasant. Half way through I realised that i was actually starting to enjoy the yoghurt. It was different and struck me as being refreshing (particularly after my ham and marmite sarnie.)

I do have a bone to pick with Müller's flavour name 'Key lime pie' which I think is borderline false advertisement because there's no pie in it. It's simply a lime yoghurt- I even checked the ingredients. I guess they figured that key lime pie flavoured yoghurt sounded more appetising.

Although I enjoyed trying something new and different, I won't be buying any more of this flavour. I hear however, that Müller have released an Apple Strudel variety which I'm definitely keen for! Hats off to them for constantly creating new and exciting flavour combinations instead of sticking to the tried and tested. Bravo.


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