Friday 2 October 2015

NEW Tesco White Chocolate & Raspberry Cones

I was doing the shopping today, and as usual I was searching for some ice cream.
I love this time of year when the evenings start drawing in, the winter boots and cosy jumpers creep out of hiding, and there's a perfect excuse for comfort food. There is a problem however: all the supermarkets start diminishing their ice cream lines to make way for all the delicious Christmas food. This is an issue because I love ice cream no matter the season; whether its 30 degrees outside and the sun has got it's hat on or It's freezing cold and I'm tucked up on my comfy sofa in my PJs watching a film.

Tesco, thank goodness, have bucked the trend this year by releasing at least a couple of new ice-cream lines...

The first one I spotted was this multi-pack mix of mini Ben & Jerry's tubs. I love Ben & Jerry's but I'm not prepared to spend £4.49 on 4 mini tubs when I can pick up a 1 pint pot for half the price, or buy the individual tubs separately in flavours of my choosing for about £1 each. I can only hope that there will be a much more attractive offer price to follow, although I'm not getting my hopes up.

The second product got me really excited! Hidden at the back of the ice cream cabinet, behind all of the standard Tesco own-brand ice cream cones were these beauties- 'White Chocolate & Raspberry Cones'.

As a flavour combination, white chocolate and raspberry is one of my all time favourites. My first choice supermarket cheesecake is the ASDA white chocolate and Raspberry in their extra special range that I reviewed last month.

I've had Tesco's Chocolate & Nut cones before and I think they are brilliant. They are perfectly rich, with a wonderful chocolate sauce that is swirled through the ice cream. In fact, I would go as far as saying that they are tastier than Cornettos (but not quite as good as Cadbury Caramel Cones). They are also just a snip of the price of branded ice-creams at just £1 for four.
The description reads 'White Chocolate ice cream in a biscuit cone coated with chocolate flavour coating, rippled and topped with raspberry sauce and chocolate curls.'

The first thing I notice is that the white chocolate ice cream is very.. well.. white.. not the creamy colour I'd normally associate with either white chocolate or ice cream. On the plus side there are generous dots of raspberry sauce on the top which are very pretty.

As I started my ice cream I felt let down by the lack of white chocolate flavour, I found it very subtle. I did a test on my other half and didn't tell him what the ice creams were meant to be, but when I asked him to guess, he identified white chocolate and strawberry- so maybe it's just my tastebuds! There wasn't much raspberry sauce rippled through the top, but when I got about a third of the way down I was hit with a large pocket of tart jam like sauce which worked perfectly with the sweet ice cream.

As with their chocolate & nut ice creams the bottom of the cone had a nice chunk of plain chocolate which finished it off nicely!
Overall, I think this dessert is a lovely concept but I believe it could do with a spot of fine tuning...
- The sauce would be nicer rippled through the ice cream as per the description
-I believe that the ice cream would benefit from being more white chocolate-y.


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