Friday 24 June 2016

Oreo Ice Cream Sticks (The Co-Op)

I'm not sure if these Oreo ice cream sticks are new or not. I remember the Oreo ice cream cones and tubs being around last year, as well as the double chocolate cones (which were delicious but have seemingly been discontinued) but I can't remember whether or not these were about last year or not. I think that's why its taken me until now to try them. I just kind of figured that there were sticks of cookie studded ice cream enrobed in milk chocolate. I was wrong. 

"Cream Flavour Ice Cream with Crushed Chocolate Flavour Biscuit Pieces with Vanilla Flavour Filling, Coated in Crushed Chocolate Flavour Biscuit with a Vanilla Flavour Filling 29%."

Well, that doesn't make the situation any clearer really does it?

The coating was a much darker colour than expected, embossed with cookie pieces, but it had started to crack -what was this super thin chocolate? 

Crikey, it was bloody delicious! I expected it to taste of the generic milk chocolate "fake Magnum" ice cream coating, but it wasn't chocolate at all. Instead, Mondelez have broken up oreo biscuits and moulded it around the ice cream. It's needless to remark on how well this complemented the centre seeing as we all know how perfect the combination of cookies and cream is. Genius. The ice cream itself tasted exactly how I expected it to be: of standard vanilla* but improved drastically thanks to the cookie crumbs. 

How have I not bought these ice creams before? They'll be a freezer staple from now on. 


*the non flavoured variety as opposed to the fragrant vanilla bean sort.


  1. The colour proper put me off at first, but holy delicious- I've made my mum stock up on these and the peanut butter cornettos as they are only £1 for four in Tesco at present! x

    1. ice cream bargains are the best kind... xx

  2. Hi, Can i know where you purchased this ice cream?

    1. The Co-Op but they're available in all of the major supermarkets.

    2. But I am from Malaysia.. been searching 5 to 6 shoppping mall at Malaysia.. No luck to find it..
      I think you're from UK rite?