Tuesday 14 June 2016

NEW! Loaded Millionaires' Desserts (ASDA)

Last week I discovered that ASDA have just added a few new lines to their fresh dessert pot line up. The Black Forest Velvets were delicious, and I mentioned at the time that I had seen these new Loaded Millionaires pots and fancied the look of them. It's safe to assume therefore that it wasn't long before I impatiently returned to the store and picked them up!

"Toffee flavour mousse and dark chocolate ganache, with a salted caramel, chocolate flavoured biscuit crumb and white chocolate coated shortcake pieces."
 Don't they look beautiful? What's not to love about a dessert made from so many delicious sounding components....


The top layer consisted of the dark chocolate ganache which was adorned with the white chocolate coated shortcake pieces. There weren't a great deal of the shortbread balls, and to be honest they were too small to really taste. They were firm and crunched well -I just wish that there was more of them. 

I had high hopes for the ganache given how delicious the dark chocolate mousse in the Black Forest Velvets was, so I was disappointed to find that it was poor quality by comparison. The ganache lacked the powerful dark hit that I was expecting, instead it was mild in flavour. I couldn't even describe it as milk chocolate, it was just a bit nondescript. The texture of it was gorgeous however, silky smooth as I hoped it would be.

Next up was the toffee mousse, and at first I thought that it was a bit bland too. It turns out that it was just such a contrast in terms of texture and flavour to the topping that my tastebuds needed a spoonful or two to fullly appreciate the mousse. Once they had adjusted accordingly, butterscotch tones came through with a delicate flavour that was simply delicious. 

Did the salted caramel live up to my high hopes? It certainly did, in fact it surpassed my expectations! Don't get me wrong, it was no Dulce De Leche, and it was runny enough to fall off my spoon. Punchy and rich, it contained the perfect amount of salt to prevent the caramel from becoming sickly. It was absolutely divine. 

Last but not least was the chocolate biscuit base. I found it to be exactly the same stuff that sits at the bottom of the Black Forest Velvets. If you remember the last time I tasted it, I was disappointed by its blandness. This time however the lack of cocoa worked to its advantage; especially as the caramel above had oozed between the crumbs, resulting in a mouthful of flavours that reminded me of McVities caramel digestives. The perfect end to a delicious dessert.


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