Sunday 19 June 2016

NEW! Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar Golden Hoops (Tesco)

I saw that these new baked Hula Hoops were released quite a few weeks ago, but once again my stingy nature prevailed and it wasn't until they came on offer at Tesco (£1 instead of £1.70) that I bought them. Hula Hoops are a mainstay in our crisp cupboard. I like the Pufts whilst my other half prefers the standard, but there's one Hula Hoop variant that we completely agree on, and that is that they must be salt and vinegar flavoured. 

The bag contained 6 individually wrapped 25g bags. The Hoops looked a little like round pretzels once I shook them out onto a plate, and it was evident that they had been generously seasoned from the chip shop like scent that emanated from them. The Golden Hoops are baked instead of fried, so they are a little healthier than the original variety, as well as being completely free from all artificial flavours, colours and MSG. 

Texturally they were as similar to pretzels as they looked, no bad thing as I'm in a bit of a love affair with the things. The only difference was the underlying potato flavour, which was pleasant, and differentiated them completely from anything currently on the market. Be warned though, when I said that the seasoning was evident -it truly was. The Golden Hoops are super vinegary, which suited me down to the ground, but one of my readers (Hi Richard!) said that he found it too much... so try at your own risk! 

I am constantly amazed by the ingenious new additions to the already crowded savoury snack market. Well done KP snacks! 


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