Tuesday 7 June 2016

NEW! Limited Edition Black Forest Velvet Desserts (ASDA)

Way back in march (it really doesn't feel that long ago!) ASDA launched a line of new dessert pots. I tried and very much enjoyed the Rhubarb Jumbles and Afternoon Delights, whilst I was a little less impressed with the Honey Teasers. Since those reviews I confess I haven't bought any more, but only because they went up to their full price of £2 for two pots, and Gu's desserts have been on offer most of that time for the same price. C'mon who wouldn't choose Gu every time?

Anyway, this week I spied a few new additions to ASDA's dessert line up, and they're on offer to boot at £1.50 per pack. The one that I absolutely had to try straight away was these Black Forest Velvets:

"Dark chocolate mousse with morello cherry compote, chocolate flavoured biscuit crumb, red velvet sponge pieces, dark chocolate sauce and a sweet dusting."

I really didn't enjoy ASDA's new black forest muffins, so I really hoped that the supermarket would redeem themselves using of one of my favourite flavour pairings. The layers certainly looked impressive!

Carefully placed on top were two pieces of dark red cake drizzles with dark chocolate sauce. It's been so long since I've had a decent red velvet (yes I'm glaring at you Boots), but these tasted pretty darn good. Moist and chocolatey with a sour twist characteristic of the American cake, I wanted more! Please make and sell a red velvet cake made from this recipe please ASDA?

Underneath was the deep layer of mousse. It too didn't disappoint: rich and decadent, it reminded me of my mum's homemade pot au chocolat (save for the good glug of rum she always adds!). It was denser than most mass-manufactured chocolate mousses, but I prefer it that way.

Next up was the compote, and I was pleased to discover that ASDA had cleverly retained the cherries' tartness. So often companies decide to add so much sugar that they lose their sourness and turn them into the overly sweet berry that they're not. The sharp compote worked in perfect harmony with the sweet mousse on top and tantalised my tastebuds with the true flavours of Black Forest. Thank the Lord! 

Last but not least was the biscuity base. It was surprisingly and noticeably sweet given how dark and decadent the above layers were, and I can't help but think that ASDA might've been better using bourbon biscuits instead -but that's just nitpicking. 

It's safe to say that I really enjoyed these new Black Forest Velvets. My only suggestions on improving them would be to add more cake pieces (in the same way that the Rhubarb jumbles had the flapjack repeated half way down) and of course to use a less sweet biscuit for the base. I'm dying to try ASDA's new Loaded Millionaires' desserts next!


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