Friday 10 June 2016

Müller Oreo Corner (Tesco)

I actually popped into Tesco to pick up a pack of the new Rolo 'Crack It' dessert pots, but got sidetracked when I spotted this new Müller yogurt... Oreo corner? No way! I might not have rated the Oreo Brownie very highly yesterday, but I couldn't leave this on the shelf. At 75p per pot -or 6 for £4- they're on the pricey side, but my inquisitive nature ruled out and into my basket one went.

I can't remember the last time I had a vanilla flavoured corner. My experience with Müller's range has been mixed; I wasn't fussed on their recent Gold Edition, yet was spellbound by their raspberry cheesecake brownie yogurt. To be honest if they hadn't marketed it as Oreo, and had labelled it as cookies instead, I doubt I would have given it a second glance. Yes, I'm a brand victim.

It looked just as expected, including the half-empty Oreo corner. There's no getting your money's worth here.

The yogurt was just as thin as it was with the Gold Edition. I swear that Müller must be watering them down. The thick, creamy yogurts that I remember of my childhood seem to be long gone. Fortunately I could taste the vanilla, but it tasted more 'flavouring' than 'extract' if you catch my drift. I'm glad to report that the Oreos were crunchy and crispy however and hadn't even begun to go limp or stale as I feared they might. 

The yogurt and biscuit combination worked rather well, but it was greatly let down by the yogurt's insipidness. If only it was a creamier, richer affair then this would be one special corner.

What a let down. If you like the look of this Müller corner then I highly recommend you crush up a couple of biscuits and pop them on your favourite yogurt and save yourself the 75 pence. 



  1. Such a disappointment - I remember the creamier Muller yoghurts of yesteryear too. I definitely think they water them down now, they used to be so much nicer.

    1. I'm so glad it's not just me! They were SO creamy before. No doubt they've been subject to budget cut backs over the years, although god knows why as they're not exactly the cheapest of yogurts. xx