Monday 27 June 2016

Icelandic Skyr: Blueberry and Strawberry Flavours (Waitrose)

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a yogurt brand that I hadn't come across before. My dear friend and fellow blogger Laura (A Daisy Chain Dream) coerced me into popping into my local Waitrose to pick up a pot of Vanilla Skyr. Laura's judgement was spot on, and if you remember my review you'll recall that I made the bold statement that it was the best high protein yogurt I had ever tasted!
I would therefore have been foolish to turn down the opportunity* to try -and review- Skyr's other two flavours: blueberry and strawberry.

What I didn't mention last time was that each of the pots come with a handy spoon in the lid, perfect if you're grabbing a pot to enjoy at lunch or on the go. I peeled back the foil and discovered the pale mauve colour blueberry Skyr. As with the vanilla flavour the yogurt was thick enough to stand my spoon up with, as you can see in the photo below. The flavour was slightly tarter than expected, but not unpleasantly so, and I found that it was just enough to offset the sweetness. The creaminess was again outstanding and I found it hard to comprehend that I was enjoying such a healthy treat.

This flavour is a brand new contender in Skyr's line up. I had high expectations given my experience with their blueberry and vanilla yogurts, so could it be as good? 

What a silly question; of course it was. Strawberries and cream are natural born partners and with Sky's unbelievable texture the melt-in-the mouth treat was a winner once again. Iceland you've done the British proud! 

Seeing as Skyr is so saintly I decided to adulterate it with a few extras for an evening treat. One side was decorated with fresh strawberries and the other with Graze's strawberries and cream protein granola topper, oh my days! Soooo good. 

Asking me to choose a favourite flavour would be like asking me to choose between my siblings (that's a lie, my sister is my best friend) but you get the gist. Try any of these pots and you'll be a Skyr convert for life! I promise you that Arla has nothing on these guys. Skyr is available in Waitrose stores nationwide.


*Skyr have kindly reimbursed me for the yogurts I have reviewed.


  1. can't wait for this brand to become more widely available! Arla is good, but nothing compares to proper Icelandic Skyr

    1. Totally agree! I'm so with you. Did you have another look in your local Waitrose?

  2. i did yeah but it's a crap Waitrose and they don't stock it :'(