Sunday 5 June 2016

NEW! Double Whammy Ice Cream Sandwiches (Morrisons)

Ice cream cookie sandwiches. First we had the Ben & Jerry's cookie dough 'wiches, then ALDI's own, before returning to Ben & Jerry's for their sons of a 'wich and brownie 'wich and now it's Morrison's turn!

What I liked most is that the 4 pack contained two different flavours; especially as both contained chocolate. At £2 per box they were on a par with ALDI's versions, and only a quarter of the price of the extortionate -but delicious- brownie 'wich.

As a dedicated snack reviewer it seemed only right to try both at the same time in order to compare and contrast.

Choc Chip & Chocolate Sandwich:

This looked remarkably similar to ALDI's choc chip ice cream sandwiches, and they tasted identical too. I would hazard a guess and say that they are probably made by the same manufacturer.


Double Choc and Vanilla Cookie Sandwich:

The ice cream wasn't anything particularly special: soft and very sweet with a non-descript flavour that wasn't vanilla but just rather plain. The chocolate chips that studded it weren't large enough to really add little more than texture to the otherwise smooth ice cream. If only the manufacturers had used big chocolatey chunks!

The chocolate cookies however were pretty damn good. Thick enough to be substantial, they had a good cocoa bourbon-esque flavour that fulfilled my chocolate cravings. 


The chocolate cookies gave these ice cream sandwiches the edge over the choc-chip but they're still nowhere near as good as the Ben & Jerry's 'wich range. Fortunately for me I found the larger cookie dough 'wiches reduced to clear in my local Tesco so I greedily stocked up.

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