Thursday 2 June 2016

Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cheesecakes (Morrisons)

Cheesecake is up there as one of my favourite desserts, and as far as flavours go, you can't get much better than chocolate & salted caramel. I can't recall ever having bought any of Morrisons own cheesecakes before, but these sounded just too good to resist. 

Their packaging and/or delivery needs to be better thought out better as the packet had obviously taken a bit of a battering and the cheesecake had smeared itself across the plastic. I checked the others on the shelf and they had all suffered the same fate. It's such a shame really as it really made the slices appear far less luxurious than they could. If only Morrisons gave their cheesecakes the same care an attention that ASDA or Marks and Spencer do. 

"Rich Belgian chocolate cheesecake with pockets of caramel sauce on a crumbly chocolate biscuit base."

With one mouthful the unattractiveness was completely forgotten. The chocolate flavour was punchy, whilst the texture was dense enough to feel substantial and light enough to avoid treading into stodgy quarters. The salted caramel sauce adorned the top of the cheesecake, and it was perfectly saline. None of this sprinkling of salt here, Morrisons have wisely gone full throttle and delivered a sauce worthy of it's name, hurrah! Hidden within the cheesecake were several pockets of the golden caramel, injecting a beautiful contrast of texture and flavour -utter perfection. The base also suitably pleased me; it was thick and sturdy enough to eat on it's own, and offered up a strong cocoa taste reminiscent of a bourbon biscuit. It was less buttery than other cheesecake bases I've had in the past, but that was far from a problem and actually worked in its favour. 

Morrisons, congratulations! You've created a pretty damn perfect dessert here. It's up there with Rhokett and ASDA Extra Special as one of the best mass produced cheesecakes I've ever had. They're fabulous, so please give them the care that they deserve whilst in transit!


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