Sunday 12 June 2016

Carrot Cake (Boots)

Boots. Last chance. I was picking up my meal deal this week but didn’t fancy chocolate -shock horror, right? I went to pick up another Graze flapjack, but then realised that I had just ordered my first Graze subscription box. Hmm. Maybe, just maybe, Boot’s carrot cake wouldn’t be as bad as their cookie dough brownie, banoffee flapjack or red velvet cake. It would have to do.

Unlike their other baked goods, the carrot cake was noticeably soft and moist; so much so that it stuck to its cardboard sleeve. The slice was covered in an ample cream cheese frosting and I could spot a few seeds and raisins dotted about, alongside the slivers of carrot pieces. So far, so good.

The cake was very soft, but not so much that it fell apart. The texture was damn near perfect, light yet packed full of crunchy seeds and squidgy raisins to break up the consistency. Cinnamon was used to great effect, offering a hint of spice in every mouthful.

I wasn't particularly fussed on the cream cheese frosting, but then I'm not an icing kind of girl. I find it too sweet, and the cake was sugary enough as it was (brown sugar ranks highest on its list of ingredients). I'm sure if you do like icing that you would find that it wasn't too bad, and I know I'm just nitpicking!

FINALLY Boots, a cake you can be proud of. Don't get me wrong, nothing beats homemade cake, but this slice is a pretty decent effort for a mass-manufactured bakery treat.


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