Wednesday 22 June 2016

NEW! Daim Ice Cream Sticks (Tesco)

I'm going to start today's review with a quick defence of the above title; I realise that these ice cream sticks have been out for quite a few months now, but they're still new to 2016, hence the label. You may or may not have already tried them already, but I thought they were worth a post in case you fall in the latter category. I bought the triple pack from Iceland whilst half price for £1.25.

"Caramel Ice Cream with Milk Chocolate Coated Caramel and Almond Pieces, Covered in Milk Chocolate with Almond-Caramel Pieces."

Hurrah! I was so pleased to discover that these ice creams hadn't been shrunk in the same way as most new treats have this year, and are still a rather respectable 110ml each. At least I felt like I was getting my money's worth when it came to volume, especially as they were on offer too. 

The chocolate coating was thick enough to offer a good snap, and tasted rather good -which ought to be expected really considering that they are made by the same company who produce the Cadbury's ice creams. I was pleased to find that the Daim pieces were small enough to leave my gappy teeth alone -and also large enough to break up the otherwise smooth texture, injecting a honeycomb-esque flavour into the chocolate.

The ice cream itself was softer than I'd liked, which meant that I had to eat it rather hurriedly instead of savouring it as I would have preferred. The flavour was good however, the caramel was rich and buttery, bordering on the sickly edge, but not to the point of possible toothache. I can't remember finding milk chocolate coated caramel and almond pieces in the ice cream itself, but you can see in the photo flecks of (tiny) chocolatey nibs embedded throughout. Maybe I ate it too quickly to notice!

If you haven't tried these new Daim ice creams, and enjoy caramel, then I suggest that you give them a go! I wouldn't spend the full £3.00 per box on them, but if you miss out on Iceland's offer, they are on a 2 for £3 mix-and-match ice cream deal at ASDA -which normally lasts all summer. 



  1. Great review as always gorgeous!! I've been eyeing the Oreo version up, have you tried them? Xx

    1. Thanks Ash! I have indeed, review impending! xx