Wednesday 1 June 2016

NEW! Reese's Snacksters (B&M)

So it turned out that I was looking in the wrong place in my B&M store. Whilst the Hersheys Snacksters were situated with the sweets, the Reese's variety were by the tills -silly me. Anyway, I hastily picked up a couple of packs of the peanut butter version in the hope that I'd love them as much as the Hershey's. 

Just as before the pot was split in two: one side contained 9 Graham Cracker dippers, and the other the chocolate spread. I hadn't actually realised until I got home that it wasn't pure peanut butter and was a peanut butter flavoured chocolate spread instead. 

At once, a joyous peanut butter and chocolate fusion hit my taste buds. Sickly sweet, but comforting, I enjoyed the smooth dip against the bland cracker biscuit. My feelings started to change however as I munched my way through the pot, as soon the nuttiness was lost against the chocolate. I actually found it much more cloying than the chocolate spread alone, and by the end I couldn't handle any more sweetness, so was glad to finish.

I can't help but think that this would have been a much yummier snack if Hershey's had used their Reeses peanut butter instead of the chocolate version. Oddly enough, the night before I tried the Reese's snackster my sister offered her peanut butter pretzel graze box to me, and whilst I enjoyed it, it was just too healthy. 

I'm more of a naughty peanut butter kind of girl, and favour the spreads that have had plenty of salt and sugar to them -or chocolate, honey and banana if you remember my PB Crave review! Reese's peanut butter ranks high amongst my favourites, and I'd love to have a snack pot that uses it. Until then, I'll have to create my own with a bag of salted pretzels and a side of PB.  



  1. Salted pretzels and PB...why did I not think of this? x

    1. I don't know, but why have I not done it yet? Oops. Haha xx