Monday 13 March 2017

Ginger Pepsi Max (Sainsbury's)

Pepsi Max. It's addictive. Like ridiculously so. I know I'm not the only one who's had to wean themselves off the sweet, bubbly nectar either. It's taken a lot of effort to clamp down on my 2-3 litre per day vice to the treat of a can once or twice per week. If you're also a Pepsi Max fan do you agree that whilst the original is delicious, cherry is better? It's been a choice between those two for a long time, but now the company have introduced a new edition. Rather than sticking to Coca Cola's relatively safe flavour extensions of lime or vanilla, Pepsi have bravely punted on ginger. As a lover of ginger beer -and almost everything else ginger- I was a keen bean to try this one out.

I even broke both my Pepsi rules, and:
1) paid more than £1 (£1.50 in Sainsbury's) and 
2) bought more than a can.

Pepsi's characteristic caramel tone was the first flavour to greet my tastebuds, followed by a smooth ginger aftertaste. It wasn't enough to deliver the spiciness of a ginger beer, but it was there, offering a little warmth in the background. I wasn't sure if the combination would work, but somehow the flavours fused and didn't fight against each other. 

I then had a brainwave. Rum. 

I'm a big fan of the classic Cubre Libre, but occasionally I switch things up and opt for a Dark'N'Stormy. Could the new Pepsi Max offer a mid way -a stormy Libre or Dark Cubre perhaps?

Yes, yes this works! Ok so I didn't have the lime wedge to finish the job properly, but by heck this is a good cocktail. Hic. 

On a week when arguably the U.K's most famous redhead broke records and dominated the charts, it seems that ginger is winning all round. I'm not sure I'll always opt for this new Pepsi Max, but it certainly makes for a refreshing change! Bravo Pepsi.



  1. Stormy Libre! Yes! That sounds utterly amazing. I really really hope Germany gets this soon so I can try it. Your lovely description has only made me more determined to try and find it!

    By the way, I so appreciate these snack/food/drinks reviews. I don't feel as though I'm missing out on everything quite so much whilst being away!

    And... that's my favourite rum lurking in the background. The only place I've managed to find it here is in the airport - had to send the other half on a special mission to source me a bottle after his flight back! :D

    1. Ah bless you! That's kind, I love reading your reviews, articles and recipes too :).

      No Sailor Jerry's? That's a travesty. This was a rare Christmas present from my brother and I've hoarded it for over a year. I've been making my way through a couple of bottles of Bacardi Oakheart in the meantime, have you tried it?

    2. Aw! I didn't say it to get a kind word in return you know. But thank you very much - you've just made my day! :) :)

      I have tried Oakheart (and it is something I can get here) but it's just not the same. Oakheart isn't much cheaper than Sailor Jerry though, is it?

    3. I'm not sure, but I got given that bottle too!

  2. Hmm - a weird choice! If i see a can i may try, but don't think i can commit to a bottle.

    I am a pepsi max fiend too - i used to drink an awful lot but don't so much any more. Pepsi max cherry is AMAZING, so much better than cherry coke, i'm prob 1 can a week or so too, i switched to cans so i didn't drink the whole bottle cos if i tried to ration it, it just went flat. As for alcohol cherry pepsi max and bourbon is a nice combo (and cheaper than buying Jim Beam Red Stag!)

    1. Ooh I can't drink whisky but that sounds good! I'm a cherry pepsi max & amaretto girl ;).

  3. Oh yes that's good too, amaretto and Bourbon together with it is good too :-)

    Altho I don't really drink that often anymore but really fancy one now!

    1. Get on it lady! Although maybe wait until 6.. ;)

  4. Can't decide if I like this or not. After Sainsbugs dropped their price to £1.25 earlier in the week my curiosity got the better of me, and I took a punt on a 2 litre bottle. I wasn't so sure about my first mouthful, but having 2 litres to get through I decided to give it another chance. You can definitely taste the ginger, and it's stem ginger I can taste rather than simply being cola with just a warmth behind it like you get with some ginger biscuits. It does also still taste of Pepsi max though. I suppose it's an acquired taste, as the more I drink it the easier it seems to go down.

    Still prefer the cherry variant though! Once I've polished off this ginger concoction though I'll have to see if I like Coca Cola's new Coke Zero with vanilla as much as I used to like Diet Vanilla Coke. Hopefully one of the supermarkets will put it on offer soon!

    Really liking the blog by the way. Light hearted, but informative and well written. Keep up the good work!

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Agreed with the taste of it, I managed to locate a 600ml bottle on my travels today, and it's peculiar but kind of good peculiar if that makes sense?

      Yes, I'm also on the hunt for the new Zero vanilla despite being a Pepsi girl! Let me know what you think if & when you locate it :).

      P.S Thank you for your kind words, they're very much appreciated.

  5. Here's the odd thing - I think it tastes similar to Fat Coke, but without the intense sugar hit. It's as if Pepsi Max with Ginger has hit the mark that 'Coke Zero' has failed...