Wednesday 8 March 2017

NEW! McCoys Chips: Chip Shop Curry Sauce (Home Bargains)

Crisps are something I go through phases with. Most of the time I'm not bothered by them but then I'll get a random craving and boom! I'm hooked again for a few months. When in a crisp loving phase there is one prerequisite: salt & vinegar reigns. However snack hunting extraordinaire @productsinstore posted a picture of McCoys new chip shop curry chip sauce flavoured 'chips' a few weeks ago on instagram and I was suitably intrigued. Curious, but I still waited a few weeks until they cropped up in Home bargains for £1.

The range of 'chips' crisps are also available in salt & vinegar and sea salted flavours, but for some reason it was the curry that really tickled my pickle. Of course they're not really chips, they are in fact crinkled crisps cut into rectangular shapes. The packet contained 6 individual 25g bags.

"Curry Sauce Flavour Reformed Potato Snack."

I feel sorry for the crisp manufacturers. They have far less options when it comes to innovation within their market, so I guess shaping them is one variation.

I like McCoys crinkle crisps, but they're quite clunky so I liked the 'chip' shape, and found them far easier to eat in a lecture theatre without making too much noise.

As for the flavour, McCoys never hold back, and these were every bit as punchy as their other crisps. There was one factor that you couldn't ignore though: they tasted exactly like Nik Naks. I mean they're indistinguishable. As someone who prefers potato to maize based snacks it meant that these ticked the box. It's the Nik Nak for potato lovers! The heat wasn't too strong either, although I was acutely aware of my stinky curry breath for hours after. The new shape might make them more socially acceptable to eat in public, but the flavour sure doesn't!



  1. *Drool* I so want to get these in my mouth. By the sounds of it though, I'd have to make sure I wasn't planning on socialising soon after! :D

  2. These are really nice not too strong reminded of a Curry Pot Noodle at first but I have also come to the Nik Naks conclusion In fact I found your blog by typing mccoys chip shop curry nik naks into Google XD

    1. No way! Great minds...!
      Hopefully you'll stick around now you've found it :)