Saturday 4 March 2017

NEW! Müller Light Cake Shop Inspired Cherry Bakewell & Treacle Tart Yogurts (Iceland)

I almost swore off Müller yogurts. Every time I buy them I end up disappointed by their gelatinous insipidness. But then they went and released Cherry Bakewell & Treacle Tart inspired ones didn't they? My other half was on a diet when the pack of six first came out, and as a fan of both British desserts, was keen to try them. 

The only trouble was they were a consistent £3 in Iceland, and we just weren't prepared to pay that - especially when there are so many other good yogurts on the market. This week they're finally the subject of Iceland's weekly deal and are half price (the offer lasts until Tuesday 7th of Jan) so finally we got around to trying Müller's new offerings.

Cherry Bakewell
If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll appreciate that I'm an avid cherry Bakewell fan. I really hoped that the yogurt would taste of almond as well as cherry.

The bright pink yogurt was very runny, but then I expected that. What I wasn't prepared for was the accurate flavour representation. I could taste the sweet cherry & almond, and was certain that there was a butteriness that resembled pastry -although that might be my wishful thinking. The chunks of cherry that were swimming in the yogurt were a welcome addition too, and I found myself really enjoying this pot.


Treacle Tart
It might surprise you to hear that as far as desserts go, I'm not a huge treacle tart fan. I find the overwhelming sweetness and claggy texture too cumbersome and so it would never be my first choice on the dessert menu. It's Bert's favourite though and so he was really looking forward to trying this Müller light.

Well it's just a bit odd. There was a generic toffee flavour that barely concealed the taste of artificial sweetener. I didn't really get the connection to golden syrup though, and neither did Bert. To be honest, I'd rather have a standard Müller light.


At half price, they're not too bad and make a change to the normal flavours (especially if you regularly consume Müller lights) but I wouldn't pay 50p per yogurt -unless they released the Cherry Bakewell as a single. 


  1. That 'gelatinous insipidness' (which entirely takes the 'best phrase of the day' award) is exactly the reason we stopped buying these yogurts, moving on to Rachel's or Yeo Valley. I'm glad the Cherry Bakewell worked out well, though it's such a shame they've managed to mangle something as simple as Treacle tart.

    Thanks for the review! I'm glad I don't feel like I'm missing out. :D Also, hope you had a fantastic birthday! :)

    1. Yes, I keep meaning to try The Flavour Collective too. Have you tried their yogurts?

    2. The Collective ( ) ? Yes! I used to buy these quite a lot when they were on offer as a 'treat'. They're delicious, lovely thick yogurt and usually a really good dollop of sauce. The raspberry was my favourite, but I've just seen this on their products list - I want that one! :D

  2. I agree!! Thought the sticky toffee just tasted artificial, the cherry bakewell was okay but not as great as I had hoped 😐

    1. Don't you find that's normally the case these days with Muller's yogurts though? :(