Monday 6 March 2017

NEW! Jude's Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt Ice Cream Review (Waitrose)

Jude's is a company that is relatively new to me. If you'll remember I first came across them last year when I tried their peanut butter chocolate ripple ice cream, followed soon after by their undeniably smooth salted caramel flavour. One of the reasons I'd not bought their products was because of the price, and the other was the lack of 'extras' that Ben & Jerry's fill their tubs with. Whilst price still governs my purchases, I have discovered the undeniable quality of Jude's and so buy their tubs whenever I spot a good offer. Recently I received an email from the lovely Laura at Jude's, letting me know that they'd launched their highly anticipated chocolate and sea salt ice cream which I'd been waiting for since she teased me with a tip off following my last Jude's review. The only trouble was, they'd launched it solely into Waitrose, yet my local branch wasn't stocking their range at all! Humf. I might've grumbled a little bit. Fortunately last week the freezer stock in Waitrose transformed to make way for a whole host of extra ice cream brands - one of which was Jude's. There it was, the chocolate & sea salt ice cream! The 500ml tubs are priced at £3.98, but please read on to find out how you can try any of their range for just £2.

"Chocolate with a touch of sea salt is the latest flavour to join our stripy family! The combination of rich Colombian cacao with a delicate touch of sea salt makes for the most moreish after meal treat."

Just to remind you that you're also being charitable by eating ice cream..

Salted caramel has made its way into almost every food product feasible over the past few years, so is it now the turn of chocolate and sea salt?

The ice cream was a rich and dark coloured brown, the exact hue of milk chocolate. What I wasn't expecting was the sheer abundance of Belgian chocolate flakes that littered throughout. My scoop delved into the ice cream without a struggle, meaning that for once I could create respectable mounds.

Flavour-wise the chocolate was intense. It delivered a strong hit of cocoa whilst retaining a creaminess that took the edge off, pleasing my dark chocolate averse palate. The miniature chips melted in the mouth, which meant that for the most part they didn't add much texture. At first I didn't think I could taste the salt but then all of a sudden I came across a pocket with a punchy saline edge. The salty sweetness was pleasant, but it wasn't consistent. I'm still not sure if I'd have preferred the salinity to be maintained throughout or if some of the enjoyment came from the flavour changing with every mouthful.

I enjoyed the new Jude's flavour and it's a welcome addition to their collection. I tried the ice cream both in a cone and also served with a warm white chocolate Oatien 'brownie', which was just as good -if not better!

As promised, here's how you can try the Jude's ice cream range for £2 (until 9th March) as well as claim lots of free products!

1. Go into your App Store (on android or Apple)
2. Download Shopmium
3. Register (if you use the code AEAYEAKT you'll also be able to claim a free Lindt chocolate bar)
4. Buy Jude's and send Shopmium a photo of your receipt via the app. You'll then receive a refund for anything over £2 within 48hours!


P.S Ice cream queen One Treat has also reviewed Jude's new flavour, so please do go and take a look at her review if you require further convincing!

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