Saturday 10 October 2015

M&S Chocolate & Honeycomb Ice Creams

It can't be denied that M&S has some beautiful and innovative food. I've recently spotted lots of exciting sounding treats, most of which I've pored over and posted onto my instagram feed. However, being a student I'm restricted by finances and therefore have to keep M&S treats to special occasions.

Yesterday I had some good news which warranted a treat, so I went to M&S specifically to purchase these Chocolate & Honeycomb Ice Cream cones which I've had my eye on for a good few months now. They come in a pack of 4 for £2, which I know isn't excessively dear, but is more expensive than the supermarket own brand ice creams (like the white chocolate & raspberry cones from Tesco I reviewed a little while ago.)

They are described as 'chocolate honeycomb flavour ice cream rippled and topped with toffee sauce and milk chocolate coated honeycomb pieces in a biscuit cone with a chocolate flavour coating,' heavenly right? 

When I opened up my cone, the chocolate coating around the edge of the cone had 'bled' onto the waffle, rendering it a little sad looking. However, the top was generously flecked with the chocolate honeycomb pieces, and was adorned with a lovely thick slathering of toffee sauce. 

The honeycomb nuggets were gorgeous. I'm not a huge fan of Cadbury's Crunchie bars as I find the balance between honeycomb and chocolate completely off, but these were just right.The toffee sauce was deliciously sweet, and worked well with the topping. 

The chocolate ice cream however, was a completely different kettle of fish, What a let down! I expected pure luxury from M&S, but the chocolate was.. well.. just not chocolate-y enough. You know what it's like if you eat chocolate cake that looks like it should be really rich and decadent, but just tastes faintly of cocoa powder? Well this was the ice cream equivalent. My other gripe is that it's just chocolate ice cream- I certainly couldn't distinguish any notes of honeycomb. 

The cone itself was pretty standard.. although the area affected by the 'chocolate bleed' had gone disappointingly soft like a stale biscuit.

All in all, I think the ASDA & Tesco own-brand ice cream cones are FAR superior in quality and taste than these let-downs from M&S.


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