Sunday 18 October 2015

American Pop Tarts: Cookies & Creme

As it's Sunday and we'd run out of dog food, my other half was obliged to take me to B&M bargains this morning.. It's a store he hates simply because I love it so much and could therefore spend hours in it. As I've mentioned previously, they stock an unpredictable and cheap range of American Imports, which is the main reason why I love B&M so much.

This morning I spotted these 'Frosted Cookies & Creme' Pop Tarts which seemed like the perfect treat to end chocolate week on. They are described as follows-
'Chocolate cookie crust. Sweet, white frosting sprinkled with cookie crumbles. Smooth vanilla crème filling. '

I was hoping that they'd taste like an Oreo combined with a Pop Tart. The chocolate pastry was very dark in colour, and the flavour didn't disappoint. It was rich with a deep cocoa flavour- imagine a grown up Bourbon biscuit. The filling was incredibly sweet by comparison- it would have been far too much by itself- but it worked surprisingly well with the chocolate cookie flavoured crust. Imagine warm gooey Oreos.. That's what these are!

I couldn't have hoped for more from these Cookies & Creme Pop Tart. They're not my favourite Pop Tart to date, but they're pretty damn tasty, especially if you're an Oreo and/or Bourbon biscuit fan.

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