Thursday 8 October 2015

American Pop Tart: Confetti Cupcake

I confess, I must be addicted to the GM ingredients in American Pop Tarts. I can't have completely satisfied my sugar cravings earlier this week with the Cookie Dough Pastries, because I didn't hesitate to buy these Confetti Cupcake treats when I discovered them at half price in a local vintage shop. 

I'm always so envious of American product flavours, they're always so much more interesting than the tame English offerings. The confetti cupcake sounded vey tempting, who wouldn't want cake and pastry, right? They're probably a diabetic nightmare but I wasn't bothered about my sugar intake, being too intrigued to even consider my health. I think I must've had a cake induced craving as a direct result of the bake off. Yes, I'm blaming the BBC for my purchase- shame on you Bezzer. 

I digress, the Pop Tarts themselves were Aesthetically pleasing, covered with white icing dotted with hundreds and thousands. They were the first Pop Tarts I've sampled which I could actually smell heating in the toaster. As usual, I nibbled the un-frosted edges first, savouring the warm filling until last.

The centres were the same firm consistency as the cookie dough, but with a lovely jammy surprise coming through every now and then. They were very sweet, even for me, but not to the point of being un-enjoyable. I shared the pack of two with my partner, which I was grateful for as I think by the end of the second my teeth would've started to ache. 

I enjoyed these Imports, but not as much as the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts.



  1. Thats another one for me to try! x

  2. Definitely! There's a new cinnamon bun one out in American that I might have to try and source at some point!