Thursday 15 October 2015

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Snowy Delight Desserts

 I'm a a sucker. A sucker for chocolate, sucker for cadbury, sucker for dairy milk, and definitely a sucker for new chocolatey dessert products. Even after the disappointingly bad Cadbury Duo mousse I reviewed earlier this week, I couldn't resist these new Christmas limited edition Cadbury 'Snowy Delight' pots of joy.

They're described as 'smooth & creamy Cadbury white chocolate dessert over a Cadbury milk chocolate dessert layer.' They had me sold at 'Cadbury' and 'White chocolate & milk chocolate.'I felt myself hoping with all my heart that they'd live up to the appetising description and not be a sorry state of blandness that their duo mousses proved to be. 

Each layer of joy is in a tiny little pot, but it is about 2/3 full, which I think is more acceptable than the half filled mousse pots. 

The White chocolate layer is heavenly, it actually tastes of white chocolate- hurrah! It's silky and sweet tasting exactly like melted white chocolate buttons. The chocolate layer beneath, is rich and decadent. It's slightly thicker than the top tier and together they work in perfect harmony. I savoured every gorgeous spoonful, grinning in chocolate heaven.  I always wondered how wonderful it would be if you took the chocolate layer of the Rolo pot desserts, and combined it with the Milkybar desserts.. Now I know! 

It could not be any more different to the disastrous mousse pots, and I'll be definitely buying more over the coming months. I just wish Cadbury were more consistent with the quality of their dessert range! 


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