Thursday 1 October 2015

Cadbury Layers of Joy: Caramellionaire

It's lovely living in the countryside- being able to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful autumnal colours sweeping through the woodland- however it does mean that it often takes a while for some of the more interesting new food releases to filter down to us. 

I've just started uni, and I'm commuting every day which means I'm finally finding some of the treats I've been wanting to sample for a while. I popped into the Co-Op on the way to catch my train home and almost jumped up and down in the spot with glee when I saw these little beauties staring at me from the chiller. They cost £1 for two pots.

I really enjoy the Cadbury's chocolate trifles (renamed Layers of Joy) and have been fortunate enough in the past to get my hands on their Black Forest Trifle. These Caramellionaire desserts state that they are new, but I don't think they're brand spankers. 

These desserts are described as 'Shortcake biscuit at heart surrounded by delicious layers of Cadbury milk chocolate mousse, rich caramel dessert and white chocolate mousse.' YUM! How could anyone resist that tempting title? 

I took the lid off my dessert but it didn't look as neat as the packet's photo. I'm not entirely sure I can blame Cadbury however, because they had suffered an hours train journey followed by a 2 mile walk to get home. Anyway, the ugliness didn't offend me as I was far more interested in the taste. 

The topping is the chocolate mousse, which was exactly the same as they're standard chocolate mousse, and it was lovely and fluffy. The next layer was the caramel dessert layer, which was absolutely scrummy. It was like a rich caramel custard and I really wish there was more of it. Following the caramel was the shortcake- which I think is borderline false advertisement due to the lack of crunch that I think is necessary in a biscuit. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it- it was more cakey and provided a welcome break in texture to the otherwise smooth dessert.

The bottom layer was white chocolate mousse, an odd choice if Cadbury were simply trying to turn a millionaires shortbread into a dessert, but it was an enjoyably light end to a decadent pudding. The White chocolate flavour wasn't as prevalent, nor as good, as the new Milkybar mousse, but I do prefer Milkybar to Cadbury white chocolate anyway.

I'd definitely buy these again. 


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