Monday 5 October 2015

American Pop Tarts: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Thank goodness for B&M bargains! For anyone who shops there you'll be aware that they're a veritable treasure trove of American Import goodies. You can pick up twinkies, flipz, and American chocolate etc. at a fraction of the cost that'd you'd pay at specialist import stores. Whilst this must be bad news for the independent retailers it does mean that those of us who have less disposable income can sample some of the US treats. 

The foodstuff that never fails to tempt me are Pop Tarts. I know that we have British Pop Tarts but they only come in fairly dull flavours (apple, chocolate, strawberry, & cherry as far as I'm aware) and they don't have any of the naughty additives which our stateside cousins seem to get away with putting in their foods. I know this should be a negative, but there's a reason they put them in: they do tend to make the food tastier!

I spotted these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough toaster pastries at B&M at £2.29 for 8 (2 packs of 4) and quickly nabbed a couple of boxes. I love that they advertise the fact that they're Naturally and Artificially flavoured! 

The box says you can eat them cold, but I don't know anyone who eats Pop Tarts without heating them. Anyway, I popped them into my toaster and eagerly waited my treats. 

The Pop Tarts held their shape well as they always do, so I nibbled around the outside, saving all the cookie dough til last- I'm such a child! The centre didn't disappoint, although it was a lot firmer than some of the other varieties. The cookie dough was comforting and nostalgic- bringing me back being a child and being able to lick the spoon (and the bowl!) when home baking with my nan.

I really enjoyed these Pop Tarts and I'm glad I picked up a couple of boxes. I couldn't recommend you give them to your children for breakfast though, otherwise you might be attempting to pull them off the ceiling the entire morning!


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