Monday 19 October 2015

New Limited Edition Cinnamon & Vanilla popcorn by Boots

Monday's tend to be a pretty rubbish day for most people, but I now have a good reason to look forward to the first day of the working week. As an o2 customer I can make use of their priority offer- a boots meal deal for £1 every Monday. Yes I know it's a bit sad, but as a student, trust me when I say that this lunch feels luxurious compared to the rest of the week. I've got into a bit of a meal deal habit: sarnie/wrap, Pepsi & Portlebay Lemon Sherbet Popcorn. Today, however, I made an exception because I spotted Boots' limited edition Cinnamon & Vanilla popcorn. 

I love cinnamon, it's my absolute favourite spice, and so Boots couldn't have really chosen better in terms of my tastes (unless they'd produced a peanut butter and/or banana popcorn.) I've heard good things about Portlebay's cinnamon popcorn but as I haven't located it anywhere yet,  I thought I'd try Boots' version.

The bags are a decent size and when I opened it up I could see the lovely tell-tale dusty cinnamon powder. I expected it to be sweet- rather like the ProperCorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla that's also a personal favourite- but it wasn't!

Neither sweet or salty, the popcorn was rather neutral- and as cinnamon can be used in both sweet and savoury cooking- It was left with a bit of a split personality. I wondered if I'd just got an un-sweetened price of corn, but it was consistentlu poor throughout  the bag. I was left feeling really confused (and a bit upset I'd chosen it in favour of the Lemon Sherbet Portlebay.)

I'm now not sure whether I'd like Portlebay's cinnamon flavour or not and so  I'd be keen to know if anyone else has tried it? 

Meanwhile, it's back to the Popcorn I know is good...


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