Friday 9 October 2015

American Nutter Butter Bites

Uh oh, as I mentioned in my previous post my home town has got a new vintage store which has a selection of American treats. If you've read my previous posts, you may realise that I have both a very sweet tooth and love of American food- I could move to America for the peanut butter alone! 

However unfortunately they've decided they won't be continuing to stock their USA food lines and so are offering 50% off it all! Hearing this, I couldn't resist a shopping trip. I nabbed a couple of the standard go-to American cereals- Fruit loops and Lucky charms, before spotting the Pop Tarts that I reviewed yesterday. I paid for my goodies and made my way towards the exit when one last product caught my eye: Nutter Butter bites. 

They're described as peanut butter sandwich cookies made with real peanuts. My heart leapt because I went to the states a few years back and fell in love with Austin peanut butter filled crackers. I think Ritz also do peanut butter crackers in the USA too, I really wish they sold them here, I'm not the only PB fanatic in England! 

American food=American sized portions. The bag was generously filled containing 15 filled cookies (I greedily ate one before I took the photo.) Before tucking in I wasn't sure whether the snack would be savoury like a ritz cracker, or sweet like a biscuit, and it turned out to be the latter. 

Random Fact alert: American's don't have 'digestive' biscuits because of the advertising law in the states. Digestive biscuits were originally named because they were meant to aid digestion and prevent flatulence but it's never been proven that they do anything of the sort. The closest to a classic digestive in the USA is the 'Graham Cracker.'

Anyway, back to the topic in hand. Each cute little button biscuit sandwich tasted like mini digestive biscuits with a disc of real peanut butter in the middle.
The peanut butter centre of a Nutter Butter Bite
 The balance of sweet and salty was spot on and I quickly gobbled down the whole bag. Luckily my other half hates peanut butter because he wouldn't have got a look in! I didn't have my hopes up before tasting them because of my experience with the new English peanut butter Oreos (which I think are disgusting.) I can't stand peanut butter substitutes, but thankfully these are the real deal.


*P.S I tried these yesterday (Thursday) afternoon and have since been back to the shop to buy 10 bags- that's no exaggeration. If you love peanut butter and like digestives, you MUST try Nutter Butter Bites.