About Me

I am a twenty-something female student, currently in my second year of my Advertising, Marketing & PR degree. I live in rural Herefordshire with my hard-working fiance and golden retriever Monty. When I'm not studying or working (I'm a part-time social media & digital developer too) I enjoy working out and eating a lot of yummy food -especially peanut butter, chocolate and desserts!

Seeking out new and/or interesting food products is a personal passion, and the reason why I created this blog. Sharing is caring and all that.

This blog is my outlet for writing honest reviews and sharing my opinions on my finds with fellow foodies. Comments and suggestions are always welcome! 

You can also find me on:

Twitter: @seeksnewtreats 
Instagram: Amyseeksnewtreats

Alternatively please contact me via email: amyseeksnewtreats@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy xx


  1. Nice blog, came across it, looking up the magnum double peanut chocolate bar.