Wednesday 21 October 2015

New Limited Edition Maple Syrup Müller Rice

It's that time of year again when Müller alter their product ranges. Last week I reviewed one of their Müller Light additions- Key Lime Pie, and today it's the turn of the new limited edition flavour Müller Rice- Maple Syrup. It's a bit strange to see this flavour advertised as the new limited edition, because until a few months ago it was part of their core range in a six-pack with Apple Strudel flavour Müller Rice. I really loved both of those flavours and I was gutted when they dumped it in favour of the 'red berry' six-pack which contains strawberry & cherry. 

In any case, I'm pleased to see that Müller have reintroduced a Maple product, because I love the taste of  the Canadian syrup; which I mentioned before when reviewing the new porridge by Quaker.

Müller Rice are a versatile dessert choice because you can enjoy them either hot or cold- and I like them both ways- but today I ate mine straight from the fridge. The rice was lovely; thick and perfectly creamy, which makes it feel more indulgent than it actually is (bonus)! There was a generously thick slick of syrup at the bottom, which although is clearly not of the highest grade, has the deep and decadent familiar Maple tang. I'm not sure if this new product has exactly the same recipe as before, but I am really pleased it's returned.

This flavour replaces the salted caramel rice pots, which I liked a lot, but fortunately for me I like the Maple even more so I shan't miss it too much. Please please please bring back Apple Strudel now Müller! In the meantime though, I have finally tracked down and bought a few of the new Apple Strudel Müller Lights, which I shall review over the coming days.


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