Saturday 17 October 2015

Caramac Breakaway Biscuit Bars

Caramac has a warm place in my heart; it was the treat my dad always used to buy for me when I was younger. As a child I relished the sickly sweet caramel flavoured bar, but as an adult browsing the confectionary aisle I'm only interested in either the milk or white chocolate, forgetting entirely about the retro Caramac. 

That said, McVities Gold bars are often a lunchbox staple in my house, and I find the combination of syrupy caramel coating and crunchy biscuit enclosed within a much better balance. 

This year, there have been two new Caramac flavoured releases: Caramac buttons (which I've only seen once and have regretted not buying ever since) and the Breakaway biscuit bars. 

In my opinion it's a good choice of addition to the Breakaway range, as I'm not normally tempted by them. The chocolate biscuit bar is a saturated market, and with delicious products such as the cookies & cream Kitkats and toffee Penguins, I think of Breakaways as being bland and boring by comparison. 

So Nestle, you've caught me, and ever a fan of nostalgic treats I decided to give these Caramac Breakaway Bars a go. 

They are smaller in size than the McVities Gold Bars, but have a nice even coating.  I tried not to compare the two products, but I found I couldn't help myself. 

As I bit into it, I found it difficult to distinguish the Caramac. The biscuit is a good digestive, but I found it actually overwhelmed the coating- which is a lot thinner than that of a Gold bar. I tried my hardest to nibble the topping off, so that I could feel the warmth from the pleasant memories I had eating Caramac as a child, but they failed to reach me. 

I'm sorry to say, but I found this to be a poor mans Gold bar, and I'll return to McVities with my tail between my legs! Although, if I spot the rare Caramac buttons in the future I won't hesitate to buy them.


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