Monday 1 August 2016

NEW! Reflex Protein Coffee (Cardiff Sports Nutrition)

I prefer to work out in the mornings, and don't often fancy a protein bar afterwards. Given that I'm focusing on weight training and now work for a company who manage 18 leisure centres, I realise how important it is to ensure I consume enough protein to repair and aid my growing muscles. Protein milk/shakes are often my go-to snack of choice, particularly as they're cold and refreshing after a sweaty gym session. The trouble is, they can often taste heavily of whey, with a synthetic, metallic aftertaste. Even worse, they can be really lumpy -yes, I've even had to get my blender out on occasion to sort out a supposedly ready to drink shake. So when Reflex Nutrition contacted me to ask if I would like to try their new protein coffee, of course I said yes.

"Protein Coffee is the latest innovation from Reflex Nutrition which is the perfect combination of real Arabica Coffee and the finest milk protein in a can. Each 250ml ready to drink can provides 25 grams of pure milk protein with 75mg of naturally occurring caffeine from the rich flavoured Arabica coffee."

The caramel coloured coffee poured smoothly into my latte glass, without even the slightest lump to be found. I immediately recognised the rich, robust aroma -this was clearly the real deal and not some pathetic nod to coffee.

Wow, the flavour was impeccable. Like seriously good. If you drink -or have drunk- Starbucks' iced lattes, you'll have an idea of what to expect from Reflex's protein coffee. It wasn't as sweet as expected either, meaning that the robust Arabica beans could shine through. Don't get me wrong, I'm the kind of girl who'll opt for a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks, and I wasn't reaching for the sugar/sweetener -it was that well balanced.

Sat in my sunny garden, sipping from my latte glass I completely forgot that I was drinking a protein milk -it tasted so convincingly creamy and delicious. Reflex, are you sure that these contain 25g of protein and are low in fat? They are absolutely the best protein enhanced milk drinks I have ever tasted. 

Reflex Protein coffee is available to buy in cases of 24 cans direct from their website, or individually from most good sports nutrition retailers. I highly recommend Cardiff Sports Nutrition -their prices are good and service is impeccable. 


Thank you Reflex for my samples -I'm now hooked! 

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