Saturday 30 July 2016

Blackfriars Bakery Cakes & Cookies (Online)

It's time for my last instalment of my trio of Blackfriars reviews. We've had the Lumberjack Protein Packed Flapjacks and Bakery Flapjacks, so now it's the turn of their cakes and cookies! In my sample package I received three delicious looking treats: a chocolate muffin, a carrot cake slice and a chocolate chip cookie. All of which sounded delicious to me...

Carrot Cake

"A Scrumptious Carrot Cake Slice with a Cream Cheese Flavour Topping."

 I've mentioned before that I love a good carrot cake. It was a favourite of mine long before I started eating carrots themselves (which for some reason I referred to as 'dirts' as a child). Anyway, the combination of spice, raisins, and cream cheese frosting is a winner in my books -although my fiance would rather watch every single episode of sex and the city than eat a mouthful of carrot cake. All of Blackfriars' products have a long shelf life, so would or could it still taste good?

Well yes, surprisingly so in fact. The cake was bouncy, light and moister than expected. The warming spices came through well, and the icing offered an extra sweetness -but not to the point that it became sickly. The 70g size was also well thought out and (unlike the flapjacks) could be eaten as a mid-afternoon treat -especially as it handily comes individually wrapped. My only qualm was that the slice contained no raisins; which for me is a requisite of a true carrot cake. I recognise however that this might be a bonus for those who like carrot cake but don't enjoy dried fruit!


Chocolate Chip Cookie

"A Delicious Cookie with Chocolate Chips"

Wowzers! A treat that can compete with Lenny & Larry's face sized cookies! Again, I wasn't overwhelmed by the size of it, as cookies tend to be less filling than flapjacks. I knew this wasn't going to be a soft, chewy bakery-style cookie as it felt much firmer, but I didn't let that put me off.

In fact, the cookie turned out to be less brittle than I'd feared, so it was easy to break chunks off to dunk in my coffee. The chocolate chips weren't particularly high quality, neither were they big or chunky, but there was something oddly nostalgic about the flavour. Once again, the wrapping meant it would be perfect to take on the train/to work without lots of crumbs getting everywhere. I wouldn't turn down another Blackfriars cookie, and I particularly like the sound of their Raspberry & White Chocolate Chunk version.


Chocolate Chip Muffin

"A Scrumptious Chocolate Flavoured Muffin with Chocolate Chips."

This decadent cake looked amazing. I could see from its colour that it would be rich, whilst it's physical lightness indicated that it would be fluffy.

I wasn't disappointed either. Considering that this too has a shelf life of 3 months, you wouldn't know it. Even writing about it leaves me yearning for more. I heated the muffin in the microwave for 20 seconds which meant that the chocolate chips melted messily into the cake -utter chocoholic heaven.



I believe that Blackfriars Bakery definitely comes into its own with their muffins. The rest of their range sound incredible too: from banoffee to black forest, cherry bakewell, cappuccino, jaffa cake and monster white chocolate muffins (to name just a few!) I really wouldn't know where to begin.

Once again, a huge thank you to the British Bakery for sending me such a lovely array of treats to try. Please head over to their website where yes you can buy mixed boxes too! What are you waiting for? 

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