Wednesday 6 July 2016

Milka Bubbly Caramel

Del Boy did it again, this week he was selling Milka chocolates that I've not seen before. The cute little 44g bar seemed to be an Italian import, but as I'm not au fait with the language, I can't promise of its origin. All I know was that it was a bargain at just 20p, cheers Mr market man! 

I hold Milka chocolate in high esteem -especially Happy Cows- so I imagined this bubbly bar would taste like an upmarket version of the Aero Mousse Caramel

The first thing that struck me was the unusual design. As a fan of order and logic, it threw me slightly. Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised seeing as Milka is made by the same company as Cadbury -who have of course experimented with all sorts of crazy shaped bars as part of their 'Marvellous Creations' range. The second shock came when I snapped off a couple of bubbles: where oh where was the caramel? I couldn't find any!

Fortunately the promised caramel was hiding in the top of the bigger domes. It was a bog standard sauce, lacking any depth of flavour and wasn't a patch on my beloved Galaxy. 

A third anticlimax came from the quality of the chocolate, which tasted like the cheap Christmas calender stuff. I found the Bubbly Milka to be so contrasting against my previous experiences with their products -perhaps Mondelez is now meddling with their recipes too? Either way it wasn't a patch on the caramel mousse Aero bar. 



  1. So glad I haven't bothered trying this now. I keep seeing it on my local market stall but like you say, they're meddling with Milka recipes too now. Apparently, only Milka made in Germany is any good but some from other countries such as Poland use a different recipe xx

    1. That sounds about right. It makes me feel old talking about "the good old days" but really, have we seen the last of tasty corner shop chocolate? xx