Thursday 7 July 2016

NEW! Godiva Double Chocolate Bar (B&M)

As you may be aware, today is World Chocolate Day! Isn't every day chocolate day? Still, I can't think of a better excuse to review this double chocolate Godiva bar. What I hadn't realised when I reviewed the Chocolate & Creme version was that both products are in fact new to the USA

"Layer of Cocoa Biscuit & Chocolate Ganache in Milk Chocolate."

The chocolate and creme bar was simply divine, and so I imagined that a double chocolate version would taste even better. From the outside they looked identical, but slicing it in half revealed both chocolate flavoured layers. 

Once again the quality of the chocolate casing was impeccable, and the biscuit was short and delicious.

I expected high quality ganache from luxury chocolatiers Godiva, but that's unfortunately not what I tasted. Perhaps I should blame Gü puds for setting the standards so high; instead of the silky soft ganache that I've come to love so much, I found a chalky, super sweet, almost gritty substance. It wasn't unpleasant -just not what I was hoping for. 

The sickly nature of the second chocolatey layer also knocked the flavours off balance, and I wished that I'd just bought two of the creme bars. Oh well. Lesson learned.


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