Wednesday 13 July 2016

Cookie Crumble Ice Cream Sticks (Tesco)

I wasn't going to write a post on these until I posted a photo of a cookie crumble ice cream on instagram and received a request to review them. So here goes! A number of people have recently informed me about how great Tesco's salted caramel ice creams are, but -dare I say it- I'm a bit bored of salted caramel at the moment and so these cookie crumble ice creams excited me more: 

"Vanilla dairy ice cream with cookie pieces, covered with chocolate sauce coated in Belgian white chocolate with cookie pieces."

As far as I know there's nothing else similar on the market, so I din't mind paying the £2 at Tesco for four lollies, especially as they're a respectable 100ml each too. Yep I'm looking at YOU Magnum *tut*.

They looked as good as the wrapper, and the taste didn't let me down either. The ice cream wasn't the highest quality, but it was no worse (or better) than the centre of the Oreo sticks. Combine it with cookie studded white chocolate though and you've got something rather special. Imagine wrapping a Hershey's cookies & creme bar around ice cream and you'll get the picture! The chocolate sauce wasn't identifiable in terms of flavour, although I know it was there because I could see it. Nevermind, there was enough going on. 

All of that sugar did start to get a little sickly by the end, but that was ok -it meant I wasn't craving the others in the box, but rather looked forward to them for another evening. I'd like to warn you now: the cookie crumbles are reserved for fellow serious sugar fiends only! 


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