Monday 29 August 2016

NEW! Ben & Jerry's Sofa So Good (Tesco)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I do hope you're not stuck working and are outside enjoying the sunshine like me. If you are unfortunate enough to be earning some pennies today, then please feel free to hate all of us sunbathers! 

It seemed that ice cream had to be the most suitable topic up for review today, and who better to invite along than two of my favourite men: Ben & Jerry? I'm not the first blogger to give opinions on this new flavour*, but once again my stingy ways meant that I refused to spend the extortionate £4 on a single tub of ice cream -especially as all of the other lines were on offer for £2.50. For those of you who don't know, this flavour is apparently exclusive to Tesco, so it's no use eagle-eyeing unfortunately

Anyway, after a week or so of turning green every time I opened up Instagram, I caved and sent my other half on a mission to buy me a tub -he's definitely a keeper. Disaster struck however, when he phoned me from the supermarket and let me know the bad news: Hereford hadn't got any. And yes, he said, he had checked the ends and everything. Wondering whether he was 'man looking' I returned to the store the very next day, and lo-and behold, he had searched properly. No Sofa So Good, no ticket, no shelf space, nada. Unperturbed, and geared up by my successful advisor pestering a couple of days previously in pursuit of the new mint Oreos, I tracked down a nice looking Tesco lady and asked her to check the stockroom for me. I don't think she was particularly impressed with my request, but she said she would check the computer system for me -which happened to not be working- so out into the freezer she foraged. I don't think she was expecting the big hug I gave her in return for finding me the long-deliberated-over tub of Ben & Jerry's though. 

Caramel Ice Cream with a Salted Caramel Swirl (9%), Chocolate Brownies (7%) and Chocolate Cookies (4%)

This better be good Mr B&J! I was a little shocked to discover that the ice cream was noticably soft straight from the freezer. Having had the Blondie Brownie Core the night before (my consolation tub for not having Sofa so Good), I could really tell the difference. It was almost mousse like, which made it extremely messy to cone up -and I am far from an elegant scooper at the best of times! I couldn't even blame the time of day for it's melty-ness as I ate it late evening, and It became evident that this was going to be a race to finish -so please forgive the awful pictures! 

Ben & Jerry's are renowned for being generous with their extras, and Sofa So Good certainly lived up to expectations. The ice cream was jam packed full of deliciously chocolatey mini cookie disks and whopping great big moist brownie wedges. Perhaps the caramel ice cream and sauce meant that the ice cream was slightly on the sickly side, but that was good for portion control and meant that 1/4 of a pint satisfied me nicely. 

If it wasn't for the rapid melting, this new flavour would happily sit in my top three Ben & Jerry flavours, but Peanut Butter Clutter, Karamel Sutra and Blondie Brownie still reign. 


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  1. Yes I loved this flavour! Especially all the chunks. I was a bit annoyed it was on £4 too, especially since all the other ones were on special. I rang my tesco in advance to see if they had it in and the woman on the phone seemed bemused by the flavour names! I was told they had some in but when I got to the freezer there was none out so I also had to send a lady to search in the freezer! She didn't look best pleased either, I was mega grateful though...yay at least we both got it!! :)

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