Sunday 7 August 2016

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Monkeys Ice Cream (Co-Op)

Given my bitter (but yet too sweet) disappointment with the new peanut bar from Nakd, I felt the need to try another peanut buttery product that was less likely to disappoint. Having just finished my tub of their peanut butter & jelly ice cream, I returned to the Co-Op on a mission for the other frozen treat that I've been eyeing up for a few weeks...

"Peanut butter ice cream rippled with salted caramel sauce and chocolate monkeys."

The 500ml pot cost £2, and -like the pb&j tub- seems to be only available in larger stores. Boo. 

As soon as the lid was off, I could see the swirls of sauce and chocolate monkeys cheekily peeking out of the top. Fortunately it wasn't just beginners luck but in fact it was a true an indication of how the tub was set to continue. The easily scoopable ice cream was generously adorned with both the glossy caramel and dark chocolate coloured chunks.  

Hurrah! The peanut butter ice cream was every bit as delicious as the pb&j version -utterly creamy with a rich roasted nut flavour. Considering it was twice the price, I perhaps thought that it would be even more luxurious, but I hoped the caramel sauce and chocolate monkeys would cover that...

Unfortunately not. I found the caramel sauce to be too sickly against the sweet ice cream, and ended up longing for the tart raspberry sauce that added a refreshing zing to the pb&j tub. As for the chocolate monkeys? Well they're not actually chocolate... After I finished my cone I read the official product title on the back and found that they're 'chocolate flavoured monkeys' and are instead a composite of sugar, coconut oil, fat-reduced cocoa powder and butter oil. Oh dear. Those imposters wouldn't pass through Ben & Jerry's quality contol. They weren't awful, but they were a let down -especially considering how generous the Co-Op had been with them.

I'll take my moaning minnie pants back off now because in reality the peanut butter & chocolate monkeys ice cream is a novel and tasty product -it just isn't as good as their pb&j ice cream


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