Sunday 29 May 2016

NEW! Signature Marbled Chocolate Muffins (Morrisons)

I seem to be going a bit muffin mad at the moment. I can't get enough cake, and I'm making it my mission to seek out the best supermarket offerings. These Morrisons' signature marbled chocolate muffins looked rather splendid, and so into my basket they went. I even ignored the fact that they were 3x the price (per muffin) of their standard bakery versions. 

"Marbled chocolate muffins with a chocolate centre, dark and milk chocolate chunks, topped with Belgian dark chocolate chunks and a mini dark chocolate bar."

No wonder they were £1.50 for two with so much going on!

I think they might be the prettiest shop bought muffins I've ever seen. I should know not to judge a book by its cover now -particularly when it comes to food- but how could I resist their beauty? Let's face it. I'm muffin shallow. 

Slicing the muffin in two revealed the hidden centre. It was hard to distinguish where the chocolate cake stopped and the sauce began, but either way I was pleased to see that it was beautiful on the inside too. 

The muffin had a beautifully soft, airy texture. It was perfectly fluffy, more convincingly handmade than most supermarket cakes. 

That's where the positives halted though I'm afraid. As is so often the case with beautiful objects: it lacked substance. Instead it was utterly bland, tasting neither of vanilla or chocolate. Sure there was the occasional pocket of cocoa, but it wasn't punchy and I couldn't help but feel disappointed. The saucy centre was also somewhat of a let down. Texturally it was perfect, mousse-like and creamy, but what's the point when it's tasteless?

I had saved the mini chocolate bar until last, but needn't have bothered. It was so waxy that it reminded me of baking chocolate.As for the chocolate chunks, there were a few dotted on the top for good measure, but none inside.

Morrisons. What a disappointment! Your bakery is reknowned for its good quality, but these suck cakey balls. I'm heading back to ASDA for their toffee & fudge muffins.... 


*based on their good looks and faultless texture.

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