Saturday 7 May 2016

Hershey's Payday (B&M)

I'm gradually on a mission to try every American peanut/peanut butter bar that I can get my hands on if you haven't noticed! Fortunately for me, B&M have recently extended their range of imported chocolate bars and sweets, hurrah! What makes this revelation even better, is that the discount store sells them far cheaper than anywhere else, double hurrah! So, when I spotted Hershey's Payday in my local branch, I felt the implicit need to try it -particularly as I've enjoyed every single Hershey's peanut bar so far.

 "Peanut and caramel bar: our nuts don't need chocolate."

Hmm, I'm not sure I agreed with Mr Hershey on that front. Surely chocolate improves everything?* 

The bar comprised of a caramel core, surrounded by salted peanuts. It was an odd looking thing, unlike anything available in the UK.

The caramel was thick, fudgy and as sweet as expected. I liked the texture, and realised that I was dreading a toffee-like caramel that would pull my fillings out bite by bite. Luckily, this was a lot softer despite having been stored in my fridge. The peanuts were salted and had retained their crispness, and were the perfect juxtaposition to the sugary centre. The bite and the salinity of the nuts balanced out the caramel wonderfully, preventing the Payday from becoming too sickly. 

Of course, I missed my chocolate fix, but I think that an extra sweet element would've knocked the bar off kilter. Well thought out Hershey!

The Payday isn't quite as special as the Take 5 bar  or my beloved white chocolate Reese's cups, but it's still a very enjoyable Hershey's product.


*Well, apart from the unappetising Bonne Maman's Crème Brûlée of course.

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