Sunday 1 May 2016

NEW! Choc Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches (ALDI)

There's no arguing with the fact that Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough 'Wich Ice Cream Sandwiches are one of the very best new products of 2016 to date. I gave them a 10/10 and have unashamedly stocked up on them whilst they're half price at ASDA (currently £2.24 FYI). Honestly, I think I could open a Gelateria with the amount of ice cream I've currently got stashed in my house! Anyway, the trip to ALDI didn't stop me buying yet more of the stuff (you can find my recent review of their chocolate brownie deluxe ice creams here) especially as they have produced rip-off versions of Ben & Jerry's perfect ice cream sandwiches.

At  £2 for four ice creams, they are cheaper than their branded counterparts, and also contain a chocolate flavoured ice cream -instead of the cookie dough that fills the B&J's. I've been trying find the elusive chocolate brownie 'Wich for months with no luck (if you've any idea where I might be able to find it, please leave me a comment!) so I thought ALDI's new ice creams might be a good compromise.

"Chocolate chip cookies filled with chocolate flavoured icre cream with chocolate chips."

I was struck by how meagre they looked when I took them out of the box. They are in fact the same size as the Ben & Jerry's versions, but I was convinced they were smaller -perhaps I'm just getting greedier ;). 

The cookies looked thicker, but the chocolate ice cream appeared oddly pale. Hmm. 

Indeed the chocolate was lacking in flavour; any flavour really. So bland and faint was the cocoa, that I'm sure if I'd had have been blind taste-tasting I would have been completely baffled. I thought that the flavour was nondescript in ALDI's chocolate brownie ice creams, but this was worse. 

Scattered about were a few chocolate chips, but they offered little in the way of anything other than texture. Humf. 

The cookies were the saving grace, they were much more robust than Ben & Jerry's. Firmer, and more biscuit-like, they reminded me of giant Maryland cookies -scrummy. 

ALDI's new choc chop cookie ice cream sandwiches are a bit of a mixed bag: the 'chocolate' ice cream is pretty pants, but the cookies are excellent. I imagine that if I hadn't tried the branded versions I would have been more impressed -damn you and your delicious ice cream Mr Ben & Mr Jerry. 

If you're after supermarket brand chocolate ice cream sandwiches however, I recommend that you head on over to ASDA and pick up a pack of their Bourbon Biscuit Ice Creams instead.



  1. the ben and jerry's ones are utterly incredible! the asda near me is "temporarily out of stock" which makes me very sad as i can't stock up :'(

    1. Oh no! That's a travesty, I wonder if they'd do a price promise for you (so you can stock up at the reduced price when they're off offer) x